University Committees

Studies and Examinations Committee

The Studies and Examinations Committee, as laid down in Art. VI of the university's constitution, is responsible for organizing examinations and performing the functions assigned in the examination regulations. The latter include, but are not limited to, the consideration of punitive measures in cases of academic misconduct.

In line with the goals of the Studies and Examinations Committee, this page serves also as a hub for materials for preserving academic honesty. The following documents outline the practices of academic honesty: 

The committee consists of two representatives of the professors, two representatives of the researchers and lecturers, and two student representatives. The current members are:

  • Representatives of the professors (until July 3, 2025): Dimitris Christopoulos (chair), Horst Treiblmaier
  • Representatives of the researchers and lecturers (until July 3, 2025): Yuliya Kolomoyets, Lyndon Nixon
  • Representatives of the students (until June 2025): Moritz Markus, Anton Ngo

Please contact the SEC at secsymbolmodul.acpunktat