Ownership and Governance

University Council

The University Council supports the University Management with the development of the university. The chairperson of the University Council is elected by the University Council's ordinary members by a simple majority. The functions of the University Council are listed in the University Constitution.

Currently, the University Council consists of the following ordinary members:

Alan Rajah

Partner at Lawrence Grant

Air Commodore Dusty Amroliwala OBE MA MBA FCIPD

Chief Operating Officer, Education Services at VFS Global

Dusty’s career has been spread across seven completely different sectors, with senior roles undertaken in defence, international diplomacy, the UK civil service, higher education, health, the judiciary and currently in the international corporate world.  From 2001 to 2017 Dusty was the Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of East London, a role that first sparked his resolve to simplify and improve the processes for students who wished to travel globally to study. Today, as a Chief Operating Officer in VFS Global (where he is responsible for global Education Services) Dusty continues to bring new and innovative processes and technologies to the market to assist students all over the world.  Dusty is also the Chair of Student Circus, a unique recruitment platform focusing on finding graduate roles for international students. He is also a founder and Director of Axiologs, an EdTech company that has recently launched Tenjin, the world’s first truly biometrically secured, 24/7 on-line assessment platform.  

Grant Wallis

Banker for Lloyds Banking Group

Grant has 20 years of Banking Experience and is currently a Banker within the Education, Charities and Government based in the City of London.

Dr. Kasia Greco

Vice-President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Kasia Greco is a leadership coach, healthcare expert, and facilitator, who speaks many languages (German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish). She has a degree in International Business Studies and Pharmaeconomics, and also trained as an internationally certified Leadership and Life Coach. An excellent communicator and motivator, as well as a renowned keynote speaker in international management, she is currently Vice President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and a member of the city council of Vienna. She has a proven track-record in international management, delivery of double-digit growth, motivating others, transparent planning and active intercultural networking. 

Karim Jalloul


Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Karim Jalloul moved as a child with his family to Austria. He graduated from the International Center for Hospitality Management MODUL in Vienna in 1993. After working his way through hotel operations, Karim held various management and executive positions as well as founder & shareholder in the Hospitality Industry, such as an Advisor to the Management Board and Owner’s Representative for a privately-held luxury hotel group.  He worked for companies such as Country Inns & Suites by Radisson, Marco Polo Hotels & Resorts, Lifestyle Living Hotels & Residences, Lake’s Hotel (on Wörthersee) Austria and the Kneissl Ski brand. In addition to his management positions, he worked as a lecturer at the International Center for Hospitality MODUL in Vienna from 2000 to 2020. Furthermore, he is a member of the Executive Club of the College of Higher Education Vienna, Co-Chairman of the Industry Advisory Board of Modul University, Member of the Advisory Board of Green Tourism Group and an Ambassador for Teach for Austria. Karim holds the position of Vice-Chairman of the “Dr. Michael Häupl Förderungsfonds” since its founding in 2009, a fund which supports higher education for students in need. Karim lives in Austria. He is married and has two sons.

Prof. Dr. Rony G. Flatscher

University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna

Born in Beyrouth (Lebanon), raised in France, Italy and Austria, led Rony G. Flatscher to have an open mind for different cultures. During his studies in Innsbruck (Austria) and Vienna (Austria), he consulted companies in Austria, Egypt and the US. This accompanied his business administration studies with the special business administration fields "tourism" and "information systems" (German: "Wirtschaftsinformatik") at WU Vienna, one of the largest business administration universities in Europe.
After earning his PhD and successfully concluding his habilitation thesis, Rony G. Flatscher worked at the German universities of Essen and Augsburg before returning to WU Vienna. His interests encompass among many other fields analyzing, modelling and designing of information systems (led e.g., to his habilitation thesis "Meta-Modelling in EIA/CDIF"), but also implementing and rolling out information systems.
Rony is teaching students from scratch all that is needed to create programs on their own to interface with Windows and MS Office, but also exploiting Java technology on Windows, Linux and MacOS, allowing such BA students to interface with OpenOffice/LibreOffice on those systems, but also to empower them to create internet (socket) client-/server programs, including (even quite complex) GUI applications!
Rony is engaged in various open-source projects, including Java (OpenJDK; e.g., serving as an expert devising the Java scripting framework, improving Java scripting support in JavaFX), ooRexx ("open object Rexx", originating as a product from IBM, an easy to learn, yet powerful, dynamically typed, message based, object-oriented scripting/programming language), authoring a bridge between ooRexx and Java (BSF4ooRexx)  camouflaging the strictly typed Java language as the dynamically typed ooRexx language to enable WU students to exploit Java without a need to learn Java! In this context he authored also a taglib library for Java based web servers ("J2EE") that allows any Java scripting language, including ooRexx, to be used in JSPs ("Java server pages") to create web content, but also to implement servlets in non-Java languages.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. A Min Tjoa

Professor at TU WIEN and Executive Chairperson of Secure Business Austria

A Min Tjoa is a professor at the Institute of Information Systems Engineering at TU WIEN (Vienna University of Technology) and Executive Chairperson of Secure Business Austria (Austrian COMET Excellence Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy). His current research focus areas are Business Intelligence, Data Science, Semantic Web, Cyber-Security, Linked Open Data and Environmental Informatics./ICT and Sustainability.

Extraordinary members with an advisory vote to the University Council are:

Prof. Dr. Karl Wöber

President, Modul University Vienna

For more information, see Karl Wöber's bio.