MODUL University Vienna established a Sustainability Committee in September 2007 and since then has a growing number of participants from the faculty, staff and student body. Currently, the following people contribute to the Sustainability Committee and dedicate their time and other resources to keep sustainability alive at MU:

Staff and Faculty Members

Student Members

  • Selin Uzelgecici
  • Ivana Ivosevic
  • Quixun Zeng
  • Bevan Hardcastle
  • Sarah Fuchs
  • Lianna Barkhudaryan
  • Viktor Liu

Staff and Faculty Members Currently on Leave

The committee can be described as a democratic and open platform where all parts of the university have a voice. It serves as a platform for creative ideas and practical implementation of sustainable development. It aims to communicate the idea of becoming a sustainable university to each faculty and staff member as well as students of MODUL University. Furthermore, it is a gateway to the public trying to communicate and act in a sustainable manner.