Sustainability is one of MODUL University Vienna’s key principles, and the university follows an integrated sustainability approach which tries to balance the economic, the social and the environmental dimensions of sustainable development. To record its progress and produce a clear, concise documentation, facts and figures are compiled annually in the Sustainability Report.

The intention is to inform internal decision making and to transparently communicate the institution’s sustainability-related impacts to all stakeholders. The report was produced in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 regulations, involving multiple stages of stakeholder consultation and requiring the development and measurement of many new indicators. The current report has already proved useful in identifying several areas of the university’s activities that require attention, and this information has formed the basis of subsequent initiatives implemented by both the Sustainability Committee and the highest governance bodies.

Eight working groups were formed by members of the Sustainability Committee to tackle relevant areas including sustainability in research and education, workplace conditions and relations, policies and communication, environmental sustainability, and economic sustainability.

It is the intention of MODUL University Vienna to continue compiling sustainability reports on a bi-annual basis so that progress may be tracked over time. Working teams are currently engaged in consultation with internal and external stakeholder groups to inform the content and presentation of the 2015/16 report. We warmly invite your feedback on the current edition so that we can provide the information which is relevant to you in an accessible format. Please address any feedback to: