Bachelor student Vera Tkachenko competes for the Hyatt Student Prize in Paris

Bachelor student Vera Tkachenko was one of 11 international candidates from top hotel management schools and universities around the world who participated in the Hyatt Student Prize in Paris.

The annual competition supports highly promising students studying hotel management to get their careers off to a great start and helps them to foster strong links with the hotel industry. Finalists are invited to a two day final assessment in Paris, where they take part in a series of challenges observed by the judging panel.

Vera shares her experience in Paris at the 10th annual prize competition:

''I had no doubt concerning my participation in the prestigious Hyatt Student Prize competition. Frankly speaking, I will always take up a huge challenge, if it makes me feel constrained. This kind of experience allows me to develop my personal skills and to know myself better.

My dedication to Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Group and its values has been growing since doing the Modul Mentoring Program at Park Hyatt Vienna. I was grateful and flattered by all support of Park Hyatt's team throughout the contest as well as their assistance with creating the introduction video, which was shot in the hotel.

The first stage of the contest was to shoot a video answering several personal and professional questions. It was quite a challenging task to disclose my personality in a favorable light in a short period of time, just three minutes. But at the end, it was such a delightful feeling to find out that I became a competition finalist, and I got to fly to Paris. The emotions were indescribable!

The time in Paris was an incredibly busy two days which involved different challenges when two teams from the inspirational and prestigious jury evaluated my personality and leadership potential.

The Hyatt Student Prize is a great opportunity for networking and expanding contacts with an upper management team in the sphere of hospitality, and especially with the Hyatt Group. The most striking and exciting moment of our trip was the tour through Paris by retro Citroen cars with an open roof, ending with a pleasant breakfast at the Park Hyatt Vendome.

I am very thankful to Ms. Geraldine Förster and Dr. Florian Aubke for their assistance during the contest. Ms. Förster accompanied me on my journey and supported me throughout it. Together we worked on my character strengths as well as my presentation. Her presence and advice helped me to relax and believe in myself.

I view my participation in the Hyatt Student Prize as one of the most enriching experiences in my personal and professional career. I believe that people who we meet on our way influence our life journey. Taking part in this unique competition allowed me to meet the industry professionals as well as ambitious bright delegates and contest alumni, who inspire me for my future achievements.''

Congratulations Vera!