Bozana Zekan receives Service Leadership & Innovation International Award from the Rochester Institute of Technology

Bozana Zekan, Assistant Professor/Senior Lecturer at the Department of Tourism and Service Management is already well-esteemed - as an outstanding lecturer and 2016 winner of the prestigious Dr. Maria Schaumayer Stiftung recognition award for her doctoral dissertation. Now she has one more recognition to add to her list!

Before coming to Vienna to earn a doctoral degree from Vienna University of Economics and Business, she worked and studied in the US and Ireland. This led towards earning a Master of Science in Service Management degree from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, NY in 2006. Fast forward 11 years, and Bozana is the recipient of Service Leadership & Innovation International Award from the RIT School of International Hospitality & Service Innovation.

This recognition award is conferred upon esteemed alumni to acknowledge their accomplishments made after completion of their program. For the first time since graduation, Bozana returned to Rochester to attend the awards reception on October 12, 2017, which coincided with the RIT homecoming weekend.

“This trip was very emotional for me” says Bozana. “Being back at RIT, seeing everyone again…every nice word, every recognition counts, yet this award was very personal to me as it came from the people who had known me for a very long time and who had put me on the academic track that I wanted to pursue since I was a student there.’’ 

‘’I did not know that they keep a track of their alumni or that I was even considered for this award, so all of this was a major surprise for me. It was nice to see that they haven’t forgotten about me – after all, I was just one of their graduates. But it seems that they are very proud of me”, smiles Bozana.

We at MODUL University Vienna are very proud of her too!