Develop your Business Idea with MU's Startup Hub

Modul University Vienna and Talent Squared Startub Hub innovate the Food and Beverage (FAB) industry

The MU Startup Hub supports young and energetic entrepreneurs that are part of the MU community, as well as independent initiatives. We are very excited to announce that our Hub is opening its doors for the next accelerator program: FAB X-22! If you believe that your startup idea is innovative, sustainable, and can capture the hearts and minds of people, then why wait? We invite you to submit your concepts and apply for the next FAB X-22 accelerator program which starts in March 2022!

Accepted entrepreneurs can expect partnerships with Modul University Vienna, METRO, Herd Kitchen, and Talent Garden. Talent Squared connects startups with mentors and investors in a safe environment at an early stage. The 4-month accelerator program includes guidance across the process of developing a business as well as coaching elements and training for Viennese startup events. 

Prepare your pitch deck and your business plan and apply until January 31st by submitting your concept including background information about you and your team online.

Follow the link below to read more about FAB X-22 and the application requirements for upcoming startups.

FAB X - 22

Young businesses that have mastered the FAB X program in the past: Rebel Meat, Karma Food, Bruesli, Tulipans

If you would like to join our journey as a mentor or a sponsor please contact Ms. Rachel Doherty: