Europe's first 'Metaversity'

Modul University Vienna becomes the first European university to implement virtual reality technology from VictoryXR

As the first university in Europe, Modul University Vienna announces its collaboration with metaverse education provider VictoryXR. Through the joint collaboration, modern technologies such as augmented and virtual reality are to be integrated into everyday study in the future, thus creating the first metaversity in Europe: a university that is recreated as a digital twin using virtual reality in the metaverse.

Role model USA

In sectors such as industry, commerce, research and entertainment, the use of augmented and virtual reality solutions has long been a reality. But the technology is also becoming increasingly important in education, as examples from the USA show. By having its solutions implemented in various educational institutions throughout US, the metaverse education provider VictoryXR has particularly established itself in the recent years. Modul University Vienna is now becoming the first European university to start a cooperation with the provider.

Focus on innovative teaching approach

One of the aims of the partnership is to offer students an immersive learning experience using virtual reality. They will be equipped with the appropriate hardware components at the beginning of the semester and will then be able to move around on campus virtually, make contacts, and participate in live classes. A promising project with enormous potential, as Modul principal Karl Wöber explains:

"The use of advanced technologies is an important part of our university's innovative approach to teaching. By integrating modern solutions such as augmented or virtual reality, we see the potential in meaningfully supplementing and further developing conventional teaching rather than replacing it."

Versatile areas of application

The collaboration is also expected to result in a realistic reconstruction of the entire university campus on Vienna's Kahlenberg. Prospective students will then be able to virtually explore the campus and take part in open days, regardless of where they are based in the world.