Hybrid Teaching in Fall 2020

MU studies continue because employers need professionals.

In order to ensure our students´ health and well-being during the COVID19 pandemic, MU Vienna, like other universities, has introduced changes in the way some of its classes are delivered.

Different class types will be delivered in different formats:

Lectures, which are attendance-optional classes, will not take place on campus - they will be delivered fully online & remotely. Classes will be delivered live, with interactive functions, to give you the opportunity to be active in class and gain participation points!

Exercises, seminars, and practical trainings require mandatory attendance and will be offered in hybrid format. For students in Vienna who can be on campus, classes will be delivered face to face, whereas for students who chose to stay home or cannot travel to Vienna from semester start, classes will be delivered in the form of a virtual classroom, offering all students the opportunity to study at the same time and interact with their fellow classmates (e.g. group projects) no matter if they are in class or at home.

Students can choose their learning mode. 

If you have any safety or health concerns and would like to take the first semester entirely online, you can do so by expressing this choice before the semester starts! The same applies if you have any visa or travel related issues that may delay your arrival to Vienna! If your travel arrangements allow you to join the courses on campus later in the semester, you can of course change from entirely online to the hybrid option. This change is allowed once per semester.

These last months were unusual and challenging but MU managed well and found ways to continue its programs and keep the quality of teaching at a high level.

For any further questions about hybrid teaching feel free to contact the Academic Office or MU´s Student Services and Career Center.