MU includes legal vaccination requirements into study contracts

New Regulations at Modul University Vienna

Even in the fourth lockdown, the Modul University campus at Kahlenberg has remained accessible to staff and students, facilities are open, and people enjoy the intellectual exchange on campus. Comprehensive measures are in place for tracking student and staff vaccination status on entry to the building and mask-wearing has become habitual. With an almost 90% vaccination rate amongst the student community, it is clear that a return to ‘normality’ is important for those studying at Modul University. Faculty have co-developed covid prevention concepts with students to allow them to safely participate in their lessons in person. The campus building is reassuringly lively.

Following governmental advice, all students on the entire campus must be vaccinated or recovered to attend classes (‘2G rule’ in Austria) and courses take place either in hybrid mode or online. In hybrid mode, unvaccinated students can continue to study online whereas vaccinated or recovered students have the choice of attending classes online or on campus. While exams have previously taken place in lecture halls, in lockdown they take place online in front of a screen.

From February 2022, residents in Austria will be legally required to be vaccinated, and so all local universities with a high proportion of international students will have to consider additional measures. Modul University has an international student quota of 70%, and many will travel far from home to undertake a degree at a leading private international university based in Europe. Safety and security are paramount not only for students, but for families and close relatives. For these reasons, students who want to start studying at Modul University Vienna in 2022 must be vaccinated against Covid if they are medically able. When incidence numbers are low, face-to-face classes prevail and all exams take place on campus.

Modul University’s bold decision to only admit applicants with proof of vaccination to study in Vienna is intended as an act of solidarity for the existing and future student community. At least the second vaccination must have taken place. Respect will be given to incoming students who have underlying medical conditions and a certificate stating that vaccination is not possible – such students will not be excluded, and measures will be taken to facilitate participation in courses.

Students who are already enrolled are currently not affected by this new regulation, and 89% of the students at Modul University Vienna are currently already vaccinated. Modul University feel duty-bound to protect the 89% who have already shown commitment to ensuring their safety and that of their peers. According to Managing Director, Suresh Sivagnanam “we must be seen to be taking care of our university – faculty, staff and students – in order to maintain the diverse community we have become known for.” University President, Karl Wöber comments: "The safety of our students is paramount. As an international private university, we not only have a high-quality standard in terms of research and teaching, but also an obligation to offer our students and staff a safe environment."

The English-speaking private university with a high international profile accepts students from more than 70 different countries. The high proportion of international students strengthens the acquisition of knowledge and competence and is a trademark of the accredited private university at Kahlenberg. "International students and their families are particularly concerned about the situation at Austrian universities, and we want to offer the best possible security with this decision" says Professor Wöber. Students who have been protected with a vaccine not recognized in the EU will be given the opportunity to receive a booster vaccination with a vaccine recognized in the EU within the medically recommended period.    

For further questions please contact the Chief Academic Officer: clotilde.aubetsymbolmodul.acpunktat