MU Internship Success Stories


Internships are an important part of academic and business-oriented education at MU Vienna. They provide the opportunity to integrate theoretical concepts in a professional environment and to reflect on professional practice. Depending on the program, internships in national or international companies are either compulsory (BBA programs) or encouraged and, often facilitated, by the MU Vienna Career Center (BSc/MSc programs).

Two MU Vienna students, Rebeka Dokl and Lukas Stangl, are sharing their internship success stories.

Rebeka recently completed her Front Office internship at Park Hyatt Vienna. Rebeka chose to do her internship in Vienna “to improve [her] German language skills and also because the internships are quite well paid, compared to other countries.” A compulsory internship of 900 hours (approximately 4-6 months) during the MU BBA program enables students to gain first-hand practical experience in a national or international company.

“I believe internships are important because they give you the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice and cause personal growth, as you are put out of your comfort zone. My internship helped me push my limits and gain confidence in areas where I lacked it,” Rebeka says.

“During my internship at Park Hyatt Vienna, I developed better problem-solving skills, became more organized and detail-oriented. My interpersonal skills have improved, as I had to learn to work with different people and get along with them. I improved my German and Russian speaking skills. I would definitely recommend everyone to intern at Park Hyatt Vienna where you are treated with respect, integrity and where you can learn a lot about the luxury hospitality industry.”

Modul MSc student Lukas Stangl is just as satisfied with his internship at Siemens Management Consulting in Munich.

“During my internship […] I was able to apply knowledge I acquired in the course of my studies. It was definitely one of the most intense internships I have ever had, and one of the most rewarding as well. […] As an intern, I did not only become a fully integrated member of the project team, but was also responsible for my own work stream. Moreover, I was able to advance my communication skills during client presentations and to strengthen my analytical thinking and data-driven decision making.”

Lukas is especially satisfied with the open feedback culture at Siemens Management Consulting as well as the challenging performance-driven culture which motivated him to grow week by week into the role of a strategy consultant.

“I can only recommend applying for an internship position at Siemens Management Consulting and experience this exciting field first-hand!”


Rebeka Dokl studies Tourism & Hospitality Management (BBA) at MU Vienna

Lukas Stangl studies Management (MSc)