MU Students regional finalists at Hult Prize

MU students take part at international competitions

For more than a decade, the Hult Prize Foundation has been transforming how young people envision their own possibilities of changing the world around them. Originally founded as a one-million dollar prize startup program, the organization today is the worldwide leader in "Impact Education" and has trained and graduated more than two-million alumni across 121 countries.

MU encourages students and alumni to participate at the Hult Prize competition which introduces a challenge connected to a global task. This years challenge was called "Food for good - Transforming food into a vehicle for change." Participants would conceptualize and present busindess models, ideas and approaches creating jobs, stimulating economies, reimagining supply chains, and improving outcomes for 10,000,000 people by 2030. Modul University is happy that four current students participated and were nominated regional finalists. 

Meet the team: Ana, Fabiola, Azjargal and Trinh talk about their experience with Hult Prize

"We entered the Hult Prize competition as four friends with the desire to create a sustainable business concept. We came up with several ideas, positioned ourselves, analyzed the market, and created long-term strategies. We started thinking outside the box as we created solutions and marketing strategies for all possible stakeholders involved.

Even the greatest idea needs a well-thought-through story around it to gain enough attention from the target group. I bought a conversational course, started building a story for our project and brought the discussion on what was it that we focused on. In the end the hard work paid off and we became regional finalists, teaching ourselves new skills and growing together as a team and as individuals."

- Ana Buleac -

"Participating on Hult Prize became a unique experience that implied us to work as a team, to communicate openly and to bring to the table our bravest ideas. For me, the process implied to reach out to potential allies of the project, such as potential customers and developers, but it also moved me towards a topic that I believe in: food and its potential to change the world." 

- Fabiola Vega -

"When my friend Fabiola asked me to join Hult Prize competition last October, the topic of this competition aligned with my dream of protecting our mother nature and contributing to a sustainable way of life. Tackling the food waste problem connects everything. It saves natural resources to stop hunger. I was honored to participate in this competition along with my friends and learned from them as well as from the other teams.  It gave me certainly a great deal of motivation that I step forward in visualizing my dream of contributing to environmental issues back home in Mongolia."

- Azjargal Jigjid -

"It has been a great journey. Hult Prize inspired me to think about food waste for the first time. The topic is also a big problem in Vietnam, a developing country and it has been identified and implemented with numerous solutions from transforming food waste into animal feed to composting for land fill, because Vietnam's strength is known for one of agricultural countries exporting rice, coffee beans and so on. Getting to know the Hult Prize Competition, I had the pleasure to participate with my three friends, amazing and dedicated  women who have shared the same passions of  developing ideas into real actions. In person, I have the opportunity to widen professional networks in the IT sector and I met restaurant owners.  Food Waste, for me has the potential to tackle challenges in climate change, a threat that needs more attention."

- Trinh Nguyen -

International summits and competitions are very valuable for students and are a great example of intercultural experience. MU is always pleased to hear about the amazing connections and friendships that are built around Hult Prize.