My Exchange Semester - ''Porto – It’s a feeling''

In September 2017 I started my exchange semester in Porto, Portugal at ISAG - European Business School and it was without doubt one of the best choices of my life. I did not speak Portuguese at all before I came there, which maybe I should have learnt before for a bit, but it was actually no problem. I learnt most of it while I was there taking language classes twice per week. In the first days I felt a bit lost. I left for Porto on my own, not speaking the language, not knowing anyone, but after a few days the city took me in with all its charm, with all its warmth and its incredibly friendly people and soon I felt like it was my new home, a second home.

The people from Porto say that Porto is not a city, it’s a feeling. I discovered how true this is while living there. The city has the perfect size, not too small, not too big. It didn’t take long and I knew my way around, found my favourite cafes where I ordered something in my broken Portuguese and received the tastiest coffee and a smile in return. All these small moments, of which there were also many challenging ones, helped me to grow and I am so grateful for these experiences.

I also got the chance to travel quite a bit of Portugal. On the weekends I would go to surrounding cities like Braga and Guimarães, or to beach towns like Nazaré and Espinho, either with friends, alone, or with the Erasmus Student Network, which was also very helpful to meet people or get some things organized.

My university was a bit different from Modul, a bit unorganized, but this is probably part of the Portuguese “charm”. :) I can truly advise everyone to take this opportunity and to go on an exchange semester. It will change your life. You will come back as a different person with new friends from all over the world, new experiences to tell and a new language to speak. A big thanks to Modul University for this opportunity!

- Sarah Fuchs, Bachelor of International Management student