Record number of students make the Dean's List

The Dean’s List is a special achievement awarded to the top Bachelor students at Modul University every semester for academic excellence by Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, Dean of the Bachelor Programs. Once a year, Mr. Karim Jalloul the owner's representative of both The Ring and the Grand Hotel Vienna and Chair of the Tourism, and Chair of the Hospitality Industry Advisory Board of MODUL University, invites the Dean and the high achievers to dine at one of Vienna’s top hotels to celebrate their success in an elegant atmosphere.

In previous years, the Dean’s Breakfast was held at the Grand Hotel Vienna, however, with the growth of the university and the excellence of our students, the group swelled to twenty-four MU students and two on exchange.  Nineteen from both the Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management  and the Bachelor of Science in International Management were in attendance at the first ever Dean’s Lunch, held across Vienna’s famed Ringstraße in the At Eight restaurant in The Ring Hotel.

Mr. Jalloul congratulated the students on their achievements and offered inspiring thoughts for their future. ’’Look for and grab opportunities,’’ he advised, ‘’Never stop a job before you have a new one - every job will be a stepping stone to your next one. Be thoughtful, generous and respectful and last but not least, build your life, don't just live it!’’

The criteria are tough - students must reach a GPA of over 90%, with no mark below 70% and take a minimum of 24 ECTS points per semester. Those who meet this challenge are rewarded fourfold; they not only enjoy a fabulous lunch with the Dean and their peers, they receive an official certificate, another accomplishment for their CVs, and an extra Enrichment course. Introduced this year, for each semester that a student makes the Dean’s List, they are able to enroll in one additional of MU’s many Enrichment courses free of tuition.

Two on the Dean’s List, Rochel Boychev-Sarikov and Thomas Jandejsek, are recipients of the Dr. Michael Häupl - Förderungsfonds (MHFF), a program initiated in part by Mr. Jalloul. The performance-based scholarships have a repayment schedule based on academic performance, where the total average grade will be used to determine the outstanding loan amount upon completion of the study program – as excellent students have the chance to pay nothing, our young scholars are well on their way!

The top students for Spring 2013 and Fall Winter 2013/14 are a diverse group coming from Austria, Russia, Iceland, Germany, Slovakia, Egypt, Albania, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Macedonia, France and the Netherlands.

Congratulations to all recipients!

Spring 2013

Jandejsek Thomas

Morsi Abdelkader

Resuli Silvester


Fall 2013

Azemi Alban

Boerdijk Mirthe

Boychev-Sarikov Rochel

Burton Anna

Charkseliani Konstantin

Charkseliani Georgy

Coppola Mathilde

Fuchs Christina Maria

Haider Marlies

Hala Simon

Hannesdottir Katla

Haschemi Lorenz

Jandejsek Thomas

Kulumbeg Alexander

Latzenhofer Catherine

Makki Farah

Morsi Abdelkader

Perez Pellicer Laura

Resuli Silvester

Schiestl Caroline

Ulrichshofer Lisa

Vukovski Todor

Weber Victoria

Weis Julia

Zhang Lisa

Zitz Nina