Top Bachelor students paired with industry leaders for real-world mentoring program

The mentoring program at MU offers top-of-the-class Bachelor students the opportunity to work alongside and contribute towards real-world success stories such as Emirates, Hotel Imperial, Ketchum Publico PR, SK Rapid and Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna. Participation in the program is dependent upon the academic career of each student, with only the best performing students being selected.

The focus of the program was to provide our Bachelor students with a taste of real life in a variety of workplaces, where they are able to contribute to team objectives, communicate with senior staff members and learn new skills in a practical and demonstrable way. Activities such as site visits, discussions, participation in business meetings and problem-based learning (studying selected business problems, developing possible solutions and presenting the outcomes) were included in the program.

Jennifer Kola - SK Rapid Wien

“Women in the Business Club at SK Rapid”
Mentors: Mag. Sebastian Pernhaupt, Director Sponsoring and Marketing & Mrs. Petra Gregorits, Member of the Supervisory Board & Team

Jennifer had the chance to see all areas of SK Rapid Wien and spent much of her time in the hospitality 'Business Club' department. It was Jennifer's task to increase the number of female Business Club members to 100. By conducting desk research, questionnaires, a focus group workshop and individual interviews Jennifer was able to suggest how to further improve their experience as Business Club members.

Alexander Meindl - MRP Hotels

"City Tourism - An Overview of four German Cities"
Mentors: Mag. (FH) Martin Schaffer, Managing Partner, Mr. Patrick Adamle, BSC, Senior Consultant

Alexander was given the task of creating four fact-sheets providing a market overview highlighting trends in overnight stays for Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich.

"I developed my research and analytical skills. I also got the opportunity to see how a hotel works from the inside."

Valerie Pretscher - Ketchum Publico PR

“Realities behind PR”
Mentor: Dr. Saskia Wallner, CEO

Valerie was fully immersed into the world of public relations and building creative attention around well known Austrian brands. Drawing on her experiences shadowing Ketchum Publico PR CEO Dr. Saskia Wallner, Valerie presented a day-in-the-life of a PR expert.

"She [Dr. Saskia Wallner] taught me what PR really is about"

Ines Prinz - Emirates

“Emirates Agent Net”
Mentors: Mr. Martin Gross, Area Manager, Ms. Elisabeth Schmon & Ms. Jessica Keck

It was Ines' responsibility to analyse and gather data for the industry platform 'AgentNet'. This platform is used globally to act as a information base for travel agents. Using questionnaires and analytical techniques Ines was able to provide valued feedback on the service to Emirates managers.

Ludmila Tibulschi - Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna

"Repositioning of the restaurant ‘Die Küche Wien’: an introductory dive into the World of Instagram"
Mentors: Ms. Anne Wahl, Public Relations Manager & Ms. Anne-Theres Pichler, E-commerce Supervisor

With a strong focus on Instagram Ludmila Tibulschi explained the benefits and pitfalls of using images for gastronomy in social media. Touching on aspects such as target audiences, brand building, customer sentiment and best photogenic practices, Ludmila demostrated how she had clearly contributed to the online experience of the restaurant.

Valerie Urdich - Hotel Imperial

"Integration study of Millennials in the workforce - Why young people avoid the Tourism and Hospitality sector as a career path"
Mentors: Mr. Mario Habicher, General Mag. Viktoria Arnold, Training Manager, and Mrs. Ina Erlewein, Human Resources Assistant Manager

During her time at Hotel Imperial in Vienna, Valerie was able to explore the reasons Millennials may or may not continue a career in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. Finding that most Millennials were discouraged by poor working relationships (rather than the perceived low status of the job), Valerie was able to provide valued feedback to Hotel management.

"My goal is the help people who are stuck in the edge of society"