Working Paper Series

The Modul University Working Paper Series was created to promote a more unified dissemination of the research conducted at Modul University Vienna and to add to the university’s research documentation. The Series aims to disseminate pre-publication research outputs from Modul University faculty and affiliated researchers on a timely basis.

Co-editors of the Modul University Working Paper Series are Dimitris Christopoulos (dimitris.christopoulossymbolmodul.acpunktat) and Ulrich Gunter (ulrich.guntersymbolmodul.acpunktat). The views expressed in each MODUL University Working Paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Modul University Vienna.

Papers can be downloaded from the links on the right of this page, and are also uploaded to the online repository Social Sciences Research Network. The copyright policies of the Social Sciences Research Network apply.

Published Working Papers