New Media Technology

A Europe-wide project coordinated by the Department of New Media Technology has shown that sharing video clips and earning fairly from their further exploitation is now possible with the help of the intelligent use of semantic...[more]
Tourismus 2020 Workshop (May 15th – 16th) MU's Professor Prof. Arno Scharl, head of the department of New Media, was a member of the organizing committee of this year’s annual Tourismus 2020 Workshop which took place in...[more]
Assessing the truthfulness of information that goes viral on social media is the aim of a recently launched EU research project to be carried out by MODUL University Vienna. The project, which involves the ambitious integration...[more]
At the most recent UN Climate Change Conference, the spotlight was on public access to information and international cooperation - MU's Professor Dr. Arno Scharl, head of the department of New Media Technology, was...[more]
MODUL University Vienna's uComp research project delivers first results under an open source license[more]
The research team from the Department of New Media Technology is leading the way on cutting edge research in the area of sentiment detection. The approach they have developed automatically identifies ambiguities and therefore...[more]
With a total budget of almost one million Euro funded by the European Union, the MediaMixer project was launched in November 2012 with representatives from eight expert organizations from seven different European countries. The...[more]