MU congratulates first graduates of the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation Scholarship Program

MODUL University Vienna would like to congratulate the first MBA graduates through the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation (CDGC) scholarship program!

The CDGC supported students from Eastern Europe to further their education in Vienna, and our successful graduates hail from Romania, Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.

Miroslav Emanoilov, Mirela Minca, Maria Casiana Nicolae, Anca Delia Petrichei, Eneida Todhe and Biljana Trajanovska will all receive a Master of Business Administration in Public Governance and Management from MODUL University Vienna.

The graduation ceremony took place at the university campus on Friday, July 12th alongside the MBA and MSc classes of 2013 in the second day of ceremonies for this year’s graduates.

The graduates final theses addressed a variety of topics pertinent to public governance and their countries: Ms. Trajanovska wrote on ‘’Consumer's acceptance of smart meters’’,  Ms. Todhe on ‘’The potential of internal corporate social responsibility to positively influence socio-economic progress indicators in Albania’’, Ms. Nicolae discussed ‘’Rational or rationally bounded local public policy: An insight from the youth in Romania’’, Mr. Emanoilov  ‘’Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights on the Internet in Bulgaria’’,  Ms. Minca ‘’Is ISO 9001: 2008 an Appropriate Framework for the Improvement of the Processes Developed Within Bucharest City Hall?’’, and Ms. Petrichei on ‘’Perception of Discrimination’’.

We wish all the CDGC scholarship recipients and MU graduates all the best in their future endeavours!

CDGC scholarship recipients welcome with Prof. Harvey Goldstein, Department Head of Public Governance and Sustainable Development and Vice-President of MU in September 2011.