Visa & Residence Permit

Staying in Austria as a student

In order to enter Austria to study at Modul University, you might need a visa and/or a residence permit. This is something that will depend on your current nationality.

To assist you in completing your visa application, Modul University is partnered with ­OneVasco, to provide you with a FREE  ‘Visa Document support service’.

Once we have received your first tuition payment, and we are able to provide you with the neccessary documents, there will also be a document that you need to sign and return to us in order for OneVasco to work with you. This service will not cost you any more to use and greatly improves the efficiency of your visa process. You may also receive a 'welcome' email from OneVasco directly.

Their personalized service can be accessed remotely from the comfort of your own home, 24/7, via any suitable means of communication.

If have not yet received your OneVasco form or been contacted by OneVasco, you can also reach out to Kainaaz Mistry at kainaazmsymbolonevascopunktcom or +447799547156. Please note, OneVasco will only take on MU students once tuition payment has been made.

For wider background information, please also see the study in Austria website or see the OeAD website.

To continue to study in Austria, you will have to renew your residence permit every year. The application for a renewal of your residence title will have to be submitted before your current residence title expires (three months before expiry at the earliest). Please see the OeAD website for further information!


For wider background information, please also see the study in Austria website.