MU Language Program

Modul University Vienna offers an extensive selection of language courses available to our students. While taking a language course is not a mandatory component of the study plan, we highly recommend that all students take advantage of the opportunity to study a foreign language.  

1. Course Offer

Modul University Vienna

Students may enroll in A-level German courses at Modul University Vienna through the course registration portal. The credits obtained will be visible on the MU transcript but not considered for the weighted average grade. MU’s Examination Regulations and Student Code of Conduct apply. MU reserves the right to offer these levels upon demand. If a German A-level course is cancelled due to a low registration number or is full due to a high registration number, students may register for an equivalent course at the Sprachenzentrum upon approval of the Academic Office.

Language Partner Institutes

MU has partnered with various language institutes across Vienna to enhance the variety of language courses available for our students. These partners offer a diverse mix of languages at many levels on different days and times, thus providing maximum flexibility for each student's individual course schedule.

Our partners are:


2. Course Registration at Partner Institutes

Students may enroll for any language at our partner institutes - German A-levels are exempt. Registrations and payments are handled by the language partners. Withdrawal and attendance is subject to the institute's policy. Steps to follow:


  1. Review the course offerings of the partner institutes by visiting their offices in person or via their websites.
  2. Ensure that the selected course will be covered by the MU Language Program (further details see point 3).
  3. Complete the course registration with the partner institute and settle the payment. Keep the invoice!
  4. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate.
  5. Bring the certificate and invoice to the Academic Office to claim your reimbursement. Reimbursements must be submitted as soon as possible following completion of the course, and at the latest by the end of July of every academic year. Invoices submitted after this date may not be considered. 


3. Program Policy

In order to register for language courses at our partners, the fee of the course must be settled at the time of registration. Upon successful completion of the course, students may claim reimbursement of these fees; however please note the following restrictions:

  • Up to 4 language courses per study program are covered by MU.
  • Students are allowed to register for 1 course per semester.
  • Only undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate in the MU Language Program.
  • Exchange and Foundation Program students are not eligible to participate in the MU language program.
  • The maximum rate covered per course is 440 EUR regardless of whether students are enrolled in intensive, semester or trimester courses.
  • Students may enroll for any language at our partner institutes – German A-levels are exempt.


Please note that MU will not cover any costs incurred due to non-compliance with these rules. MU will not reimburse fees for courses that were not successfully completed, that exceed the maximum of 440 EUR per course, and courses not covered (German A-level courses).