Student Clubs

At MU we want our students to feel at home! The MU Club program has the aim of connecting students that share the same interests and passions by encouraging them to create and join clubs.

These clubs organize meetings and events that are open to the entire MU Community. Students get to spend a fun time with their peers doing what they enjoy the most. These activities can range from visits to hotels, sports activities, presentations by guest speakers, and culinary events.

Don't see a club you like? Students can start new clubs at any time by following the MU Club Guidelines and filling out a registration form.

ClubsPresident / Vice-PresidentContact
MU Charity ClubChristina BoeschMU Charity Club Facebook group
MU Culinary Club

Dasha Miroshnichenko / Kristina Chaplik

MU Culinary Club Facebook group
MU Dance ClubTBC

MU Dance Club Facebook group

MU Football ClubGlen Dalton 

MU Football Club Facebook group

MU Hotel Club

Anastasiia Mykhailyk / Darina Pashkovska

MU Hotel Club Facebook group

MU Movie ClubJonathan TC Chiao / Karl Thaler

MU Movie Club Facebook group

MU Tennis ClubPeter Miksch / Sebastian Janke

MU Tennis Club Facebook group

MU Wine SocietyKristina Shal

MU Wine Society Facebook group

European Youth ParliamentBeyza AtalayEuropean Youth Parliament Facebook group

To start an MU Club, acquaint yourself with the Modul University Club Guidelines. After this, fill out a Club Registration Form. Once submitted, the Student Service Center will revise the registration form and give the final approval to the club. If approved, the club will be assigned a logo and private email. Furthermore, the club is encouraged to establish as many communication channels as possible within the student body. If the club requires financial support, a meeting involving the club's president, the Student Service Center, and ÖH student representatives will be arranged to discuss the budget.