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Explore the Campus in a 360° Tour

Everybody is welcome to take a look around our beautiful hill top campus on Kahlenberg online or arrange a private university tour with our team. Ideally you would contact us prior your visit but we will also try to accommodate to any spontaneous visits.

The online-tour will show you:

The outside of our main campus buildingThe reception area
The Student Services & Career CenterStudy spaces
Lecture RoomsCafeteria and Terrace

Take the 3D Tour and explore the campus.

Campus History

Modul University Vienna is located on top of Kahlenberg, a 425m mountain in the northern forests of Vienna.  This site not only enjoys breathtaking views of the regional vineyards and the river Danube, but also has an interesting story to tell. 
When Vienna was besieged by the Turks in 1683, the liberation armies, led by the polish emperor Ian Sobieski III, stormed down into the city from here and caught the Ottomans by surprise. After Vienna's liberation, the Viennese built the St. Joseph's Church, a beautiful landmark on Kahlenberg, which still overlooks the city today.   The church and peaceful natural surroundings attracted dukes and emperors throughout Vienna's history, but it was emperor Ferdinand II who is credited with transforming Kahlenberg into one of the top touristic locations in Vienna. Kahlenberg is still very popular with visitors and locals alike. Politicians, artists and even popes have visited Kahlenberg and its little church.

The first restaurant and hotel buildings were built in the 1930s when there was still a rack railway going up to the plateau. 
In 2005 the buildings, partly designated as historic monuments, were fundamentally restored and modernized, transforming into a university building that opened its doors to students for the first time in 2007. MU students benefit from the modernized buildings and the natural environment offering great views and trails into the city.


Facilities and Equipment

The private MU campus is built into the mountainside and covers aprox. 4000 mincluding indoor and outdoor areas accessible for students, faculty, staff and registered visitors. The facility standards are fulfilled with smart facility techology and tools to operate the campus in a sustainable way. The university sources energy from sustainable resources and manages solar panels on its roofs. All technical installations are modernized and being checked on a daily basis, security staff is patroling the campus at night. 
Next to open areas, offices and social rooms Modul University offers 10 modern lecture rooms, flexible in size and equipped for up-to-date teaching methods in the higher education field. All of them are barrier-free.

By Public Transport

For current information please refer to http://www.vor.at, as you can easily get to Modul University via public transport. Bus line 38A departs from U4 underground station Heiligenstadt and takes 25 minutes to arrive at Kahlenberg. Make sure that you take the bus labeled "Kahlenberg" as there are some buses on this line which only go part-route.

By Car

Campus is accessible for visitors coming in privat cars. Kahlenberg is in the north of Vienna. Google Maps will give you the most direct route. Free parking spaces are available in the Kahlenberg carpark, which is located right next to the university building.