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Entrepreneurship and Governance

Bachelor of Science in International Management (Specialization in Entrepreneurship and Governance)*

Entrepreneurial activities take place within a wider institutional environment, in which a range of public, private and societal institutions progressively shape the economy and society. Successful managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow need to be able to identify those institutional environments that best facilitate innovation and encourage market competitiveness. In addition, managers should recognize opportunities to influence and collaborate with public, economic, and corporate governance institutions to benefit their own entrepreneurial activities.

The specialization in Entrepreneurship and Governance introduces the various governance actors, their power relations, interactions and social ties, and shows you how they are connected to entrepreneurial activities. Key questions will focus on institutional frameworks across the stages of business development, from early stage start-up activities to more established businesses. The program encompasses topics including collaboration, new types of incubators, infrastructure, R&D and innovation. Students will gather skills both for their own entrepreneurial interest as well as for management positions in larger businesses.

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Why should you choose Entrepreneurship and Governance?

This program is the perfect choice for high school graduates (A-level degree, Matura, Abitur, or equivalent) who are looking for a business management degree. You will gain state-of-the-art management competencies and leadership skills in an international context. If you have career aspirations in marketing, sales and public relations, finance, human resource management, or want to start your own business this program would be the ideal choice. You will learn how to develop and implement management strategies, deal with organizational issues related to international business, and manage projects and teams in a global environment. This program approaches international management from various angles including business theory, professional relationships, and problem-solving skills to prepare you for day-to-day management practice.

*title of degree on Diploma: Bachelor of Science in International Management