Certificate in Business Development

Certificate in Business Development MODUL

Certificate in Business Development

This certificate equips you with the knowledge and skills to succeed as responsible business leaders in all sectors. If you have a passion for creating more environmentally friendly and sustainable business models, this is the certificate for you. Forward-looking firms, public authorities, civil society and international institutions need to develop creative market-based solutions to alleviate environmental challenges, social injustice and poverty, in an ecosystemic approach.

The aim of the certificate is to contribute to training a new generation of managers, aware of societal challenges and aspiring to be part of the solution, regardless of their professional activity. You will gain an in-depth appreciation of human-environmental systems and environmental ethics. You will understand how different dimensions of sustainability are interlinked with business development and you will be able to assess the significance for companies’ management systems.

Offered as an additional qualification to our new Master of Science programs for 2017/18, the Certificate in Business Development provides a customizable and efficient opportunity to enhance your skills, knowledge, and personal network. Further develop yourself as a professional in your main field of study whilst at the same time gain practical insights into general management and business administration fundamentals.

Core/Focus Courses: 6 ECTS

  • Different Dimensions of Sustainable Development (Spring)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (Fall)
  • Green Business Models (Spring)

Weekend Courses: 3 ECTS

  • Special Issues in Sustainable Development (3 & 4 Dec 16)
  • Legal & Regulatory Framework of the EU (14 & 15 Jan 17)
  • Economic Development Strategies and Policies (11 & 12 Feb 17)
  • Creating Positive Impact in Investing & Finance (9 & 10 Mar 17)