MSc in International Tourism Management

Service Quality Management

Course Description
The course will focus on quality management, with special attention given to service quality. Methods and techniques for how quality can be assessed and improved are introduced. Students are encouraged to apply those methods within their semester project about quality management and service quality.


Learning Objectives
The main objective is to get an insight into service quality management and concepts like satisfaction and loyalty. Participants will become aware of service processes and reflect on their own experience when encountering services.  At the conclusion of the course, participants will

  • be familiar with quality management and important quality management approaches;
  • understand service processes and the 7Ps;
  • know about the management of service encounters;
  • be able to critically evaluate service quality models and know how service quality can be measured;
  • be familiar with the concepts of satisfaction and loyalty;
  • be able to understand the importance of complaint handling.


Dr. Monika Koller


Semester Offered