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General MBA / Overview

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year, part-time program designed especially for industry professionals wanting to advance their careers. The MBA program concentrates on strategic analysis and planning, interdisciplinary skills, value-based management, and critical thinking. It builds these skills upon a solid foundation of core business disciplines including human resource management, organizational behavior, accounting and finance, marketing and operations, and innovation and entrepreneurship. Gaining access to an influential network of established professors and industry experts, participants not only acquire profound insights into general management, but also have the opportunity to specialize in a specific field or industry. All courses are taught in English.

The MBA Program

Pursuing a Master of Business Administration with MODUL University Vienna encourages out-of-the-box thinking and challenging existing limits and thought patterns. The MBA program strengthens the methodological, problem-solving, social, and management skills students need to take their careers to the next level. The part-time format and flexible study method give participants the opportunity to apply newly-gained knowledge immediately in the workplace, ensuring that the benefits of the study program are realized from day one. Designed to support and inspire students in their learning process, the MBA courses employ a variety of resources and formats including books, online articles, case studies, and real-life examples taken from the industry. Lecturers encourage interpersonal exchange and collaborative learning with fellow participants, drawing on their unique professional experience and industry knowledge.

Master of Business Administration - Core Courses

The business core focuses on fundamental business knowledge, management techniques and leadership strategies. Core Courses are offered in the fields of Managing People and Organizations, Marketing and Innovation, Quantitative and Economic Analysis. 

Master of Business Administration - Enrichment Courses

An extensive offering of Enrichment Courses ensures flexibility to meet individual preferences and ambitions, with 75% of the program consisting of compulsory elements (Core Courses) and 25% Enrichment Courses. The Enrichment Courses are a unique opportunity to personalize the MBA program to match the student’s career, interests, aspirations, and expectations and are offered in four innovative fields: 

  • Public Governance and Sustainable Development
  • New Media and Information Management
  • Tourism and Hotel Development
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership
  • Real Estate and Hotel Development


Students have the option to take a variety of enrichment courses from across the four specializations or to cluster their enrichment courses in one particular area. Students who select five or more enrichment courses within a particular area will receive additional recognition in the form of a major on their diploma.

MBA Program Structure

The MBA program offers courses on a monthly basis throughout the entire academic year starting in October through September. Each course involves 2-3 days of interactive seminars led by internationally recognized scholars who convey their expertise and encourage participation through a variety of innovative teaching methods. The schedule is convenient for working professionals with blocked courses taking place on 4-5 consecutive weekdays and weekends. MBA students who finish all required courses in the first 12 months of the program can complete their degree in 18 months, with 4 months dedicated entirely to writing the master’s thesis. An extended format also gives participants the option to increase their study time to 24 months, allowing even more scheduling flexibility and additional time to work on the master’s thesis.