Master in Business Administration

Marketing Management in the Digital Age

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, marketing management students will be able to: 

  • State the role and functions of marketing within an organization
  • Describe key marketing concepts, theories and techniques
  • Analyze the dynamic nature of the environment in which marketing decisions are taken (environment, society, law, and politics) and appreciate the implications for marketing strategy determination and implementation.
  • Be able to gather data and conduct portfolio models independently
  • Derive strategies from data analyzed
  • Employ marketing plans to communicate marketing strategies.
  • Apply the introduced theories, conceptual frameworks, and techniques to solve real wold marketing problems.
  • Analyze the impacts of environmental changes on marketing planning, strategies and practices. • Demonstrate the ability to come up with a marketing strategy and tactics.
  • Demonstrate the ability to justify marketing strategies and advocate a strategically informed position when considering marketing plan implementation.
  • Access skills that enable them to solve real word problems as set forth in case studies.
  • Manage themselves and group members they work with in a team when undertaking independent management study.

Detailed Course Description

As a result of the increasing globalization of markets and intensifying competition in many industries, the design and implementation of appropriate marketing strategies has become vitally important for the survival, growth and profitability of modern business organizations. In this course, we consider the tasks and responsibilities of senior executives in formulating and implementing marketing strategies and policies. Participants will find themselves in a managerial role, having to determine the overall direction the enterprise will take with respect to the markets or segments it has chosen to compete in, and its strategic relationships in the marketplace.