Master in Business Administration

Digital Consumer Behavior

The link between understanding consumers and developing strategies has become more complicated in the current multi-media web oriented environment. Consumers can evaluate brands and choose alternatives from a myriad of sources. Consumers have also become more empowered to determine the nature of the ads and information they see and the characteristics of the brands they buy. This course attempts to evaluate consumer responses in an environment that gives customers a voice and, thus, is more consumer empowered.

Accordingly this course follows two streams of thought: First, every business's fundamental strategy and orientation should lead to satisfied customers and a profit for the firm. Second, understanding customer needs is the foundation for all steps in the value creation chain, starting with developing a product, advertising, pricing, and distribution strategies. The premise is that an understanding of the consumer is imperative for those pursuing careers in brand, advertising, and strategic management. This is true, whether the applications are for products or services, social media, social networks, mobile or other devices as well as for small or large companies.