Master in Business Administration

Sustainability and Health

Course Description

 • The impact of housing, nutrition, transport, and general consumption on sustainable development and health.

• Local, regional, and global effects of various life styles on health and health related issues • Models for the calculation of consumption of energy and resources

• Chances for multiple benefit strategies through innovative measures and behavior change, co-benefits, the “Triple Benefit Principle,” chances, and limits.

Learning Outcomes

The aim of this course is to develop and improve students’ understanding of the relations between sustainable development and health. The impact of more or less sustainable components of lifestyle (housing, nutrition, transport and other consumption) on health at local, regional, and global level will be studied and discussed. What does the need for sustainable development mean for our daily life and behavior, and what health consequences can be expected? Is it possible to receive co-benefits for health when applying sustainable and climate mitigation strategies?


Dr. Klaus Renoldner

Semester offered