Specialization in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership

Why complete a specialization in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership?

Prepares you for the challenges of establishing and growing a business in today’s dynamic climate.

Learn the skills and techniques behind entrepreneurial thought and action, and expertise which enable managers and entrepreneurs to make crucial decisions and compete successfully.

Career and employment opportunities that can be quite varied and lucrative, including positions in:

  • Family-owned businesses
  • Entrepreneurship development firms
  • Large corporations with innovation functions
  • Product development roles
  • Appraisal and consulting firms
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Government supported technology firms 


The business core focuses on fundamental business knowledge, management techniques and leadership strategies. Core Courses include Financial Management and Reporting; Leadership; Managing People, Teams and Organizations; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Project Management; as well as Digital Marketing.

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Dean's Voice

"Entrepreneurial education is vital to economic growth while an understanding of organizational leadership vital to optimizing economic performance. For Vienna, Austria and the wider region, the coupling of innovation to entrepreneurship will determine economic resilience in times of economic change. This MBA specialization combines the key ingredients to up-skill students, while it offers a theoretical understanding and practical training on meeting the challenges of managing innovative enterprises."

Dimitris Christopoulos, Dean of Executive Education & MBA