The Impact of Blockchain on the supply chain


Article by Horst Treiblmaier
Head of the Department of International Management

Blockchain will impact supply chains in many ways. Finding the right organizational structures and management principles will be key.

Supply chains are one of the most popular application scenarios for blockchain technologies. “The shared view on data for various participants in a value network offers huge potential for organizations to streamline their processes along supply chains” says Dr. Treiblmaier. “Other than in the well-known example of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, permissioned chains will be used to allow a limited number of business partners to participate in an exchange, agreement or tracking process.”

Blockchain has already proven to be an unhackable way of holding and exchanging money, however this new paper suggests the possibilities could extend much further. In ‘The impact of the blockchain on the supply chain’ (which was published in Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, the leading journal in the field) Dr. Treiblmaier describes four theoretical perspectives that might help to shed light on future changes and their implications on industry. He applies complementary theories from previous research, visualizes potential transformations induced by blockchain and identifies various research questions that deserve further attention. This paper acts as a roadmap for further research into the fundamental changes that will arise from applying blockchain technologies to existing value networks.

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