Public Governance and Sustainable Development

Hot off the heels of rubbing elbows with Bill Clinton at the first annual CDGC meeting, Prof. Dr. Harvey Goldstein is one of MODUL University Vienna's most distinguished academics. He holds the position of as Professor and Dean...[more]
The staff and faculty of MODUL University Vienna are thrilled to introduce their newest faculty member, Dr. M. Graziano Ceddia, Associate Professor at the Department of Public Governance and Management. He holds a BSc, from the...[more]
The Danube Delta, the Lesachtal, the Lubusz country and the Slovak Karst – Aggtelek Karst have some things in common: They are European cross border regions with important natural heritages and each of them has been designated as...[more]
Harvey Goldstein, head of the Department of Public Governance and Management at MODUL University Vienna, and Gunther Maier from WU-Wien have published an article in the Journal of Planning Education and Research that examines...[more]
The question of how universities can support policy processes for sustainable development was addressed by Sabine Sedlacek, member of the Department of Public Governance and Management of MODUL University Vienna, during the...[more]
At the "Central Europe toward Sustainable Building" conference, which took place in Prague in June/July 2010, Sabine Sedlacek from the Department of Public Governance and Management presented two studies about the...[more]
The departments of Public Governance and New Media Technology of MODUL University Vienna have launched a common research project with other research institution to establish a Climate Change Collaboratory. The collaboratory aims...[more]