Student Services

Welcome to the SSCC!

The Student Service & Career Center (SSCC) aims to enhance the student experience at Modul University Vienna by providing a wide range of support services for all students in a warm and welcoming environment.

Students come to the SSCC for:

  • First point of contact for all student life inquiries (housing, visa, administration, event management)
  • Student advising (personal development, conflict management)
  • Academic tutoring (student-to-student tutoring financed by the SSCC)
  • Professional psychological counseling (referrals to exernal partners)
  • Official documents needed by Austrian authorities like transcripts, confirmation of studies/enrollment and other university forms such as credit transfer or special consideration
  • Information about Student Exchange
  • Questions regarding the Student Union (ÖH)
  • Any question they don’t know whom to ask

For diversity-related issues (gender equality, special needs, discrimination, etc.), the SSCC refers students to the Inclusion & Diversity Committee (IDC) of Modul University Vienna.

The IDC was established by the Modul University Senate to deepen MU’s existing commitment to gender and diversity management. The IDC serves an advisory function with the purpose of raising awareness, facilitating dialogue, and advocating for change. The chief goal of the GDP is to continue to provide students, faculty, and staff at MU with a safe and respectful space to live and learn together.

Where academic advising is concerned, the SSCC refers students to The Open Office. The role of The Open Office is to both support and offer academic advising to students during their time at MU.

The SSCC refers students to the Studies and Examinations Committee for issues related to studies and examinations. The Studies and Examinations Committee ensures that the examination regulations are complied with, sets activities to achieve the highest possible standards of academic integrity, and reports regularly to the University Board on the development of the examination results and cases of academic misconduct.

We are here to help our students!

Opening Hours for Students

Monday - Thursday: 10 am -12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm
Friday: 10 am - 12 pm

Students are always welcome to make appointments to visit the SSCC Office outside the opening hours.