Academic Services

Academic Office

The Academic Office (ACO) serves as an important link between MU faculty, staff and the student body.

The Academic Office is most easily reached from 9:00 – 16:00, Monday - Friday via email (acosymbolmodul.acpunktat) or MS Teams. 

Walk in hours: Monday - Thursday, 09:00-12:000 / 13:00-15:00

Note: Due to the summer holiday schedule, we highly recommend making an appointment for in-person services during the summer months. 



The course registration dates for the Fall 2023 Semester are as follows:

Undergraduate Programs

- Students with 75+ successfully completed ECTS: 10:00, 11 September 2023 – 29 September 2023
- All current undergraduate students:10:00, 13 September 2023 – 29 September 2023

Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, & PhD programs

- 10:00, 14 September 2023 – 29 September 2023

New Students

New students will be registered at the orientation week. 

The online course catalog, to review course dates and times, will be available approximately one week prior to the opening of course registration. The Academic Office will send an e-mail notification to all students with all details regarding course registration and associated procedures at this time.

To set up an appointment with a lecturer or faculty member, see the faculty/staff section for office hours and contact information.

The ACO is responsible for:

The Academic Office also helps manage MU's Online Campus; MS Teams course pages; and our e-learning platform, Moodle, which serves as a communication platform between students and lecturers and allows to incorporate blended learning in our teaching.

The ACO offers a number of critical services to students:

  • Learn more about the curricula and course of studies
  • Apply for a leave of absence, special consideration or credit transfers
  • Request to change study programs or withdraw from the university
  • Appeal university decisions
  • Stay informed about consequences of repeated courses failures

Document Requests

Official documents can be requested via one of two portals, depending on whether a student is currently or formerly enrolled.

Current students should use the request forms available in Online Campus for document requests. 
Former students should use the online document request form for document requests.

Studienbestätigung & Studienblatt
Study confirmation documents for the Austrian authorities such as the Studienbestätigung & Studienblatt can be requested via Online Campus. These documents can be requested in the personal pages and will be available the following day for download. 

Transcript of Records

Official transcripts include a list of all courses completed at MU, detailed course information, grades, and dates of completion. Transcripts are printed on official transcript paper and shipped via priority mail at a cost of 10 EUR. Students can also request for electronic copies of transcripts to be sent directly to accredited universities or recognized credential evaluation agencies at no cost.

Note: MU does not issue electronic transcripts directly to students.

Official Diploma Copies

MU Students are issued an official diploma copy along with their original diploma. This document can be submitted to various universities and administrative bodies in place of the actual diploma. This document is printed on university letter head with the words “official copy” printed prominently in the upper-right corner and is signed by the respective program dean and university president.

Diploma copies can be ordered from the Academic Office at a cost of 10 EUR plus shipping costs.

Replacement Diplomas

Replacement diplomas can be ordered in case the original diploma is lost or damaged. Replacement diplomas are printed on official university diploma paper with the the word "duplicate" in the upper-right, with the original date of graduation along with the current dean and university president’s signatures.

Replacement diplomas can be ordered at a cost of 20 EUR plus shipping costs. Note that replacement diplomas must be sent via courier when shipping to destinations abroad.