Academic Services

The Academic Office (ACO) serves as an important link between MU faculty and staff and the student body.  The main responsibilities of the Academic Office staff members are:

The Academic Office also manages MU's Online Campus, including our e-learning platform, MOODLE, which serves as a communication platform between students and lecturers and allows to incorporate blended learning in our teaching.

Each study program has a designated program manager to advise students throughout their studies as our utmost goal is to ensure students' success at MU. Students are welcome to visit the Academic Office to:

  • Learn more about the curricula and course of studies
  • Apply for a leave of absence, special consideration or credit transfers
  • Request to change study programs or withdraw from the university
  • Appeal university decisions
  • Stay informed about consequences of repeated courses failures
  • Seek guidance on how to write a thesis
  • Inquire about internal scholarships and grants

Due to the current COVID-19 safety measures, the Academic Office is most easily reached online via email or MS Teams.

Online office hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. 

For appointments outside these hours, make an appointment with your Program Manager or send an email to acosymbolmodul.acpunktat 

To set up an appointment with a lecturer or faculty member, see the website directory for office horus and contact information. 

Contact: +43 1 320 3555-301
Fax: +43 1 320 3555-903
Room 102

Prof. Dr. Karl Wöber President

Dr. Sabine Sedlacek Vice President, Department Head

Dr. Marion Garaus Associate Professor, Dean of the Undergraduate School

Dr. Astrid Dickinger Full Professor, Dean of the Graduate School (Master of Science Programs)

Dr. Ulrich Gunter Associate Professor, Dean of the Professional School (Master of Business Administration Program)

Dr. Ivo Ponocny Full Professor, Dean of the Post-Graduate School

Mag.a Katrin Brückner Head of Academic Office/ BBA Program Manager

Ola Mostafa BSc/Foundation Program Manager

Benjamin Calhoun MBA Program Manager/ Quality Support Manager

Jennifer Dozsa-Day MSc/PhD Program Manager

Clotilde Aubet President's Office & Accreditation Manager