Academic Services

Academic Office

The Academic Office (ACO) serves as an important link between MU faculty, staff and the student body. 

Due to the current COVID-19 safety measures, the Academic Office is most easily reached online via email or MS Teams.
For appointments on campus, contact with your Program Manager or send an email to acosymbolmodul.acpunktat 
To set up an appointment with a lecturer or faculty member, see the faculty/staff section for office hours and contact information. 

The ACO is responsible for:


The ACO offers a number of critical services to students: 

  • Learn more about the curricula and course of studies
  • Apply for a leave of absence, special consideration or credit transfers
  • Request to change study programs or withdraw from the university
  • Appeal university decisions
  • Stay informed about consequences of repeated courses failures
  • Seek guidance on how to write a thesis
  • Request official documents

The Academic Office also helps manage MU's Online Campus; MS Teams course pages; and our e-learning platform, MOODLE, which serves as a communication platform between students and lecturers and allows to incorporate blended learning in our teaching.


The opening hours of the Academic Office are: Monday-Thursday from 10:00-12:00.