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A wealth of resources to support and enhance your academic journey awaits you. Our comprehensive library offers a vast collection of books, e-books, journals, and databases to fuel your research and learning.

Access valuable study materials, explore online resources, and receive guidance from our knowledgeable staff. Whether you need assistance with information retrieval or guidance on citing sources, our library services are here to empower your academic success. 


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For direct access to our extensive online catalog, featuring resources such as EBSCOhost, Science Direct, Springer Compact, Taylor & Francis Online, Statista, UNWTO e-library, IWA Publishing, SAGE journals, and OECD Economic Outlook, please follow this link


On Campus Resources

Library Reading room (Main library room)

Library Work room (Group work)

Copy machine = printer = scanner

3 PC stations

Books / Magazines MU’s online catalog


Electronic Resources

EBSCOhost (business database BSP - variety of mediatypes) 

ScienceDirect (e-journal plattform by Elsevier, multidisciplinary) 

SpringerCompact (e-journals, multidisciplinary) 

Taylor & Francis Online - (peer-reviewed Journals)

Statista (business data platform) 

UNWTO e-library (World Tourism Organization publications in full text) 

IWA (International Water Association) Publishing (database for all aspects water, water waste, environment...) 

SAGE journals: Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Economics 

OECD Economic Outlook: OECD’s twice-yearly analysis of the major economic trends and prospects for the next two years 

TourMIS Register here and get access to this valuable on-line tourism survey data 

SciVal (trial - ends 30th July 2024)

Thesis Support

Allow your thesis to be inspired by the current challenges facing the City of Vienna. Use the portal to connect with the city services and see how your thesis could help make Vienna even more liveable in the future. 

Explore thesis topics with the City of Vienna for hands-on experience and real-world impact. See here for their German language portal

How to access electronic media

Accessing electronic media off campus requires a VPN connection. Find instructions in the download area or on this page. 

Catalog access does not require library ID unless saving searches or making reservations. 

Discover an expanding collection of eBooks in the catalog. Click on the title and scroll down for the "Link to Resource." VPN login required. 

Contact IT for VPN technical issues. 


MU Library is open to MU students, researchers and members of faculty and staff including external lecturers. The library is not generally open to other users, but individual arrangements may be made. External users are advised to contact the library before they visit.

  • Turn your phone off or on mute
  • Please speak in a low voice and avoid any unnecessary noise!
  • If you have to listen to something (study-related), please use earphones.
  • Do not take any food or drink except water/coffee in a resealable container into the library
  • Do not write in or mark books
  • Please do not leave any waste behind and note that the University is not responsible for your belongings
  • Repeated infractions of the rules can result in the revocation of loan and library privileges
  • The use of electronic content that MU provides access to is subject to the terms and conditions specified on the respective websites. In particular, authorized users of MU library are prohibited from enabling third parties to access these resources

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