Our vision

Our vision


Established in 1908, Tourism College MODUL holds the distinction of being the oldest vocational training school specializing in tourism and hospitality education worldwide. Modul University Vienna has capitalized on this tradition and experience right from its founding in 2007.

At Modul University Vienna, research and educational programs are centered around forward-thinking strategies that address the needs and well-being of present and future generations. The university aims to provide solutions to economic, environmental, and social challenges while fostering sustainable economic development and corresponding strategies. Graduates of Modul University Vienna embrace knowledge, creativity, and innovation by challenging conventional wisdom and embracing change. They uphold principles of:

  • Equality

  • Justice

  • Mutual Respect

  • Value Diversity and Humanity

Furthermore, they serve as ambassadors of sustainable and responsible living, guided by a sense of responsibility and stewardship.

These core values underpin the education offered by Modul University Vienna, aligning with the principles of the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. The university's tourism study programs emphasize responsible, sustainable, respectful, and development-oriented tourism practices. Renowned for the quality of its study programs, high student satisfaction, proficient faculty, and innovative and sustainable approach, Modul University Vienna prepares graduates to thrive in a dynamic, knowledge-based society.

The MU Vision

Modul University Vienna is Europe’s leading research platform for the tourism industry and for public sector institutions and is the first contact partner when seeking scientifically solid solutions in these fields. It represents a brain pool for the structural development of municipalities, regions, and federal states and possesses an international network of partner universities, commercial enterprises and public institutions. Furthermore, the international university is an attractive partner for international research projects.


Development Plan

We set a developmental plan to help focus our goals and to further the success of our University. We look at all areas for all-round continuous improvement, setting out overall main goals and then development steps for each academic and administrative department to achieve those goals.

The main goals for Modul University Vienna up until 2027:

  1. Modul University Vienna will increase its student number by further developing the depth and breadth of its study program portfolio.

  2. Modul University Vienna will test various forms of blended learning for enhancing the quality and relevance of learning and teaching.

  3. Modul University Vienna will continue to revise its international education strategy.

  4. Modul University Vienna strives to remain a financially independent organization.

    Modul University Vienna's Development Plan 2020-2027  
    Previous Development plan: Modul University Vienna's Development Plan 2014-2020 

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