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We aim to foster independent and original research and in turn, bring the benefits of innovation to the research community and the public.

Research is determined to be the prerequisite of high-quality teaching and Modul University Vienna pursues a research-led teaching approach. As a result, researchers at our University are committed to conducting contemporary, as well as future-oriented basic and applied research. The University’s research profile is characterized by a dynamic development of research activities, where researchers of various disciplines are highly innovative and meet the criteria for cutting-edge research. Interdisciplinary research activities shape the research profile of the institution.

Today, the University is organized into four academic Schools, each of which contributes to teaching and research in their fields of expertise (School of Tourism and Service Management, School of International Management, School of Applied Data Science, School of Sustainability, Governance and Methods) and one research center (Research Center of New Media Technology)

The Schools and the Research Center focus on 17 different core areas of research that form the basis for an exceptional output of more than 1500 publications with almost half being peer-reviewed journals, 100+funded research projects, and 300+ conference contributions.. Importantly, this research provides the essential foundation for new and innovative approaches that will contribute to society for decades.

The 17 core research areas are summarized in five research focal areas:

  1. Digitalization and business transformation

  2. Big Data analysis, artificial intelligence, and blockchain

  3. Governance for innovation and sustainable development

  4. Socioeconomic aspects of climate change

  5. Travel behavior, trend, and competition analysis

The University aims at further strengthening its interdisciplinary research activities and balancing basic and applied research. Many of the 17 research areas are joint interests and activities of researchers from different disciplines. In order to provide a conducive environment for cutting-edge research, a few of our development steps are as follows:

  • Further support, especially to young researchers in developing their own research areas and provide guidance to them. This particularly includes PhD candidates, as well as young PostDoc researchers, especially female faculty members.

  • Continue building-up a research support infrastructure at the University in order to support researchers in submitting high quality project proposals. This includes funding support in the form of personal consultation and project controlling support.

  • Expanding the interconnectedness between schools and research centers and the future foundation of a second research center, so that the organizational anchoring of research is further developed.

  • Collaborations with other universities in Vienna to leverage PhD training opportunities

Research seminar series

Modul University Vienna invites international scholars to share their expertise and present latest research. Presentations and subsequent discussions last for about 30 minutes each. All sessions are live-streamed, free to attend, and open to the public. No registration needed.

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Data Space for Tourism

Project partners: Modul University Vienna, ForwardKeys, The European Travel Commission, City Destinations Alliance

Period: November 2022 – ongoing
Funding:  European Union
For more information and the report click MODUL_University_First_Decennium_of_Research.

The purpose of this project is to set the foundation for the ​development of a secure and trusted Data Space for Tourism ​(DSFT) which enables all sector stakeholders to share and ​access the data they require when they need it. For the DSFT to be a sustainable solution, a bottom-up approach which builds a “culture of data sharing” among all relevant tourism stakeholder groups (e.g., SMEs, governmental agencies, technology firms, tourism entities at the European, national, regional, and local scales of operation) is required.​


Modul University Vienna is at the forefront of groundbreaking research. For the past 10 years we have been a center of excellence for research in sustainability, consumer behavior, digital trends, tourism and hospitality, as well as socioeconomic sciences. 

Here we are proud to present a comprehensive reflection on 10 years of insightful research at MU Vienna. 

This report delves into the cutting-edge topics explored by five departments across the university, showcasing the remarkable work of 27 Modul University Vienna researchers, both past and present. It also encompasses the contributions of our third-party researchers and associate researchers, highlighting our collaborative and multidisciplinary approach. 

Discover a rich tapestry of research topics, insights into our publication output, and innovative approaches applied by our researchers when searching for answers in their diverse fields. 

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