BSc Applied Data Science

BSc Applied Data Science

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From mastering advanced data manipulation techniques to leveraging predictive analytics, our BSc in Applied Data Science equips you with the tools to excel in diverse industries such as finance, marketing, and technology.

MU Vienna’s multidimensional approach combines rigorous academic theory, practical application, and critical thinking. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of data science, unlock your potential, and become a sought-after expert in the fields of advanced analytics, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Students should be interested in…

  • Statistics and programming

  • Data science and engineering

  • Management and problem solving

  • Artificial Intelligence

The industry moves so quickly nobody knows where data science will be next month, let alone three years. This program, taught by an experienced and innovative faculty, gives you the skills and mindset to succeed whatever the future brings and in fields which may not even exist today.

Start your data-driven future with this program designed for high school graduates seeking practical expertise in the dynamic field of data science. Our internationally experienced teaching staff are ready to set you up for a diverse and evolving career in the fields of data science, business intelligence and machine learning.

Study Plan

First Year:

Build a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, programming, and business administration. Connect data science with practical management problems and explore legal frameworks and IT system vulnerabilities. Deepen knowledge in databases, algorithms, and societal/ethical aspects of data science.

Semester 1:

  • Math and Statistics 1
  • Foundation of Artificial intelligence
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science and Programming
  • Legal Aspects of Data Science 

Semester 2:

  • Applied Linear Algebra
  • Database Management and Design
  • Math and Statistics II
  • Societal and Ethical Aspects of Data Science

Second Year:

Apply knowledge to practical domains like web programming, text mining, and media analysis. Gain skills in time-series analysis, research design, and writing. Prepare for an entrepreneurial career with courses in entrepreneurship, innovation, critical thinking, and project management. Enhance data processing knowledge and develop smart information systems.

Semester 3:

  • Text Mining and Media Analytics
  • Fundamentals of Web Programming and Application Development
  • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • Bulletpoints: Blockchain Applications
  • Research Design and Writing Skills
Semester 4:
  • Knowledge Extraction, Modeling & Visualization
  • Project Management and Change Management
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Planning
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Smart Information Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor Thesis Tutorial

Third Year:

Apply data science tools and methods in various industries through enrichment courses. Choose specialized areas like data science in services, business, healthcare, and geographic information systems. Write a bachelor thesis and gain internship preparatory skills. Engage in a Professional Capstone Project, analyzing real-world data sets and gaining industry experience with Python, SQL, R, and other analysis tools.

Semester 5:
  • Latest Trends in Data Science
  • Internship Preparatory Course
  • Enrichment course*
  • Enrichment course*
  • Bachelor Thesis

*Choose from:

Data Science for Services
Data Science for Business
Data Science for Sustainability
Data Science for Geographic Information Systems

Semester 6:

  • Professional Capstone Project Seminar
  • Professional Capstone Project (Internship)


With a strong emphasis on real-world projects and team collaboration, our BSc in Applied Data Science gives you hands-on experience in managing complex data-driven projects - manifest in the mandatory Professional Capstone Project.

This specialist professional project, which takes place in your sixth semester just before graduation, provides ample opportunity to work on the real life professional business cases that will set you up for success directly after university.

Internships provide MU Vienna students with real-world exposure, allowing them to apply classroom knowledge in practical settings, develop essential skills, and make informed career choices within the sector they wish to join.

Students have to complete the Internship Preparatory Course which will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need in order to find and complete the required internship.  Learn more about internships by contacting our Student Services Center where our dedicated team offers assistance in reviewing resumes and documentation for internship and job applications, ensuring that you present yourself effectively to potential employers.assistance in reviewing resumes and documentation for internship and job applications, ensuring that you present yourself effectively to potential employers. 


“As one of the first students in the "Applied Data Science" program, I've already gained valuable knowledge and hands-on experience from exceptional professors. The best part about our university is the small classrooms. I am now starting my third semester as an exchange student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. The journey ahead promises to be full of rewarding experiences and personal growth.”

Clarissa Wölfer, 3rd Semester BSc in Applied Data Science

Bachelor Admissions

When applying to Modul University Vienna for a Bachelor program, you need to meet the following admissions entry requirements and provide your documents in English through our online portal: 

  • Curriculum vitae (personal data sheet) 

  • Letter of motivation (description of reasons for applying to Modul University Vienna) 

  • High school certificate 

  • High school transcripts of records 

  • Copy of passport 

  • Passport-sized photograph 

  • One letter of recommendation (from academic sources) 

  • Proof of English proficiency level B2 

All bachelor applicants must provide proof of their English proficiency, at minimum level B2 - according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - through a test taken within the last two years. We accept different English Certificates, you can choose the one that suits you from the list below.

When applying, our Student Recruitment Advisors can exempt you from providing the High School Certificate and last year's study transcript. If you lack these documents, please email us at and our team will provide support to continue your application.


  • TOEFL Internet-Based Test– 79 points. A minimum of 22 points in writing is required 

  • IELTS – band score 6.5. We do not accept sub-scores below 6.0. A minimum of 6.0 in writing is required 

  • Cambridge Certificate – First Certificate in English (FCE): Minimum grade B and a minimum of 173 points are required

  • Pearson Academic – 59 points   

  • Exceptions will only be considered for students who are English natives or have completed their high school education entirely in English at recognized International Schools following American, British, or IB curricula.  Our admissions committee maintains the authority to request any additional evidence of English proficiency if deemed necessary. 

If you applied for a bachelor program and did not meet all requirements, you may still be accepted to study at Modul University Vienna on the condition of first completing our one-semester Foundation Program. You do not need to apply separately or again for the Foundation Program.  

Guide to our Online Application Portal

Check High School Requirements by Country

Criteria for International Schools Curriculum: If you have attended an international school in any country and followed an American, British, or International Baccalaureate curriculum, please review the admissions criteria specific to your curriculum here.


See what criteria apply to you based on your high school leaving certificate:

Please keep in mind that depending on your school system, you might need to complete the Foundation Program prior to your Bachelor Program. 


Austrian universities typically do not have their own student housing accommodations. Instead, students in Vienna have a variety of excellent housing providers located throughout the city. Wherever you choose to live, there are some factors that you might want to consider in making your choice.

Tuition Fees

Program Semesters Fees / Semester
BSc Applied Data Science 6 €7740
BSc International Management 6 €7740
BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management 6 €7740
BSc International Management with Professional Experience 7 €7320
BBA Tourism, Hotel Management & Operations 8 €8080
BBA / BSc Mobility Agreement Vienna & Hong Kong 8 €7740

Student Recruitment Advisors

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