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The term 'constitution' refers to the principles and rules that underpin the day to day running of our university. Our constitution defines the powers of different university committees and demonstrates how they relate to each other.

Modul University Vienna's Constitution

Development Plan

We set a developmental plan to help focus our goals and to further the success of our University. We look at all areas for all-round continuous improvement, setting out overall main goals and then development steps for each academic and administrative department to achieve those goals.

The main goals for Modul University Vienna up until 2027:

  1. Modul University Vienna will increase its student number by further developing the depth and breadth of its study program portfolio.

  2. Modul University Vienna will test various forms of blended learning for enhancing the quality and relevance of learning and teaching.

  3. Modul University Vienna will continue to revise its international education strategy.

  4. Modul University Vienna strives to remain a financially independent organization.

    Modul University Vienna's Development Plan 2020-2027  
    Previous Development plan: Modul University Vienna's Development Plan 2014-2020 

Study regulations for Bachelor study programs

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