Building business partnership

Building business partnership

MU Vienna has developed connections to various enterprises around the world. 

Our top partners such as Marriott Hotels, Ritz Carlton, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, OMV, PwC, Raiffeisen International Bank, Austrian Airlines, Emirates and many more, have found valuable human resources at Modul University Vienna. 


We have a multitude of ways we can work together with local and global businesses for mutual benefits for both you as an organization and for us as a way to help support our students. As well as the obvious collaborations such as intern opportunities and providing a platform to recruit employees from our students and graduates; we are keen to build long-lasting relationships with businesses by getting involved in other activities

Through our Academic Schools, we have multiple Guest Lecturer positions available, these allow our faculty to stay ahead of their sector by inviting expert speakers to talk on real-time topics that are influencing or affecting the industry. In this way, businesses gain access to our students much earlier in their educational cycle, having the opportunity to inspire them and give insight into your brand.

With this in mind, our Academic School faculty may even suggest our students working on a case study or similar directly linked to your business - not only can this offer a great insight into particular areas of your business using new data or analysis that you might not be using currently, but also helps to support our students fundamental learning and practical application.

Finally, we annually hold a Career Day organized by our Student Service Center . This day invites multiple organizations to hold stands, presentations and workshops discussing themes on employment in the industry, career trajectories, entrepreneurial success stories and so on. This event is a great first way to get involved and to promote your business to our students - you can reach out to us about getting involved by emailing


The majority of our study programs, particularly our undergraduate programs, have a mandatory internship element within them. We structure our programs in this way to provide our students with practical application of the knowledge they have learnt in the classroom, meaning they graduate from us with valuable experience of the workplace and industry.

Our internships provide around 900 hours of work time, over a period of 5 to 6 months. We are constantly looking for businesses who can help support these internships and have capacity to open their doors to our students.

If you are interested in finding out more about providing Internship opportunities to our students, please email us


We are dedicated to assisting our students in their journey towards finding the perfect job after graduation. Our Career Services provide a platform called ‘JobTeaser’ where we invite business partners to advertise open job calls which only MU students can access.

With a company profile, not only will you be able to post job and internship offers, but you can present your business in more detail. (link for company accounts)

Post a job offer or create a company profile now, free of charge!

Increase your visibility and find the perfect candidate for your openings.

With a recruiter account you can post jobs/internships occasionally, will be able to track its progress live (when it is validated, how many views it has had, how many students have applied etc.), archive it when necessary, or modify it. (link for recruiters)


As a university, we can also discuss academic collaboration with your business. Whether that be offering an academic pathway for your employees to gain an Austrian accredited qualification, or providing personal development courses and classes to your workforce.

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