Academic Services

The Open Office was launched to complement and enhance the educational experience of all undergraduate and graduate students at MU. The Open Office comprises of Silvia Bressan, Ivo Ponocny, and Sabine Sedlacek, whom will be at students’ disposal throughout the course of studies at MU.   The role of The Open Office is to both support and academically advise students during their time at MU. Students may approach The Open Office advisors with issues regarding academic issues (non-administrative) and/or personal issues such as:

  • Advice on continuing higher education after the program at MU
  • Issues with lecturers, Thesis supervisor/supervision
  • Issues concerning choice of study programs
  • Advice for discussions such as the Semester Conference, plagiarism cases, etc.
  • Balancing academic and work life
  • Improving academic performance
  • Issues with integration in the university and/or new environment
  • Special needs

Students are very much encouraged to make use of this valuable program to express their issues. The Open Office advisors will listen to students’ experiences throughout their studies and provide helpful feedback. Most importantly, advisors will respect the confidentiality of all students.   Please understand, however, that the advisors are not authorized to make any formal decisions related to the degree program or personal study plan. Please keep in mind that The Open Office may be the perfect contact people for matters in which other MU offices (e.g. Academic Office, Student Service Center, Administration Office, MODUL Career, etc.) may not be appropriate.   In case of any concerns, students should feel free to approach any one of the advisors below in their office or make an appointment via telephone/e-mail.