How to apply for Admissions

FAQ's answered by the MU Team

Application Information

Undergraduate Programs:

Please visit Bachelor Admissions Requirements by Country to see what entry criteria apply to you based on your high school leaving certificate and English proficiency.

Graduate Programs:

For Masters Programs: Bachelor degree with a minimum duration of three years and English proficiency.

For MBA Program: Bachelor degree with professional work experience (3+ years) and English proficiency.

Doctorate Programs:

Masters degree (or equivalent) in either business or one of the social sciences.

You can see the English requirements for specific study programs below.

Foundation Program Applicants:

  • TOEFL Internet-Based Test – 65 points 

  • IELTS – band score 5.5. We do not accept sub-scores below 5.0

  • Cambridge English Certificate – First Certificate in English (FCE): B2

Bachelor Applicants, minimum level B2:

  • TOEFL Internet-Based Test– 76 points. A minimum of 22 points in writing is required

  • IELTS – band score 6.0. We do not accept sub-scores below 5.5. A minimum of 6.0 in writing is required

  • Cambridge Certificate – First Certificate in English (FCE): Minimum grade B 

  • Pearson Academic – 65 points 

Master/MBA Applicants, minimum level C1:

  • TOEFL Internet-Based Test – 88 points 

  • IELTS – band score 6.5. We do not accept sub-scores below 6.0. 

  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English – from Grade C. A minimum of 180 points is required. 

  • Pearson Academic – 75 points 

PhD Applicants, minimum level C1:

  • TOEFL Internet-Based Test  – 100 points. We do not accept individual section scores below 20. 

  • IELTS – band score between 7 and 7.5. We do not accept sub-scores below 6.0. 

 Exceptions will only be considered for students who are English natives or have completed their high school education entirely in English at recognized International Schools following American, British, or IB curricula. However, our admissions committee maintains the authority to request any additional evidence of English proficiency if deemed necessary. 

Student Application Portal

Please use our dedicated Application Portal to apply for any program at Modul University Vienna.

Click to Apply Now

When you click the link to apply, a new tab will open with the application portal and display a log-in or registration page. You will need to create an account / register in order to apply. Complete your registration and log in. Once logged in you will see "Apply Now" button on the right-hand side, click this to begin. 

The portal will ask you to chose your application type - this will be Undergraduate (BSc, BBA or Foundation Programs), Graduate (MSc or MBA Programs) or Doctorate (PhD program). Once you have selected this, you can go ahead and select the program you would like to apply for, the specialization for your final semester and the other information required for application.

At the end of your application, we ask for a motivational letter which is really key! Make sure to sell yourself! 

Finally, in order to submit, an application fee of €100 is required. This application fee will be will be deducted from the first tuition payment for all enrolled candidates.

The language of instruction at Modul University Vienna is English. Students are not required to have any knowledge of German in order to apply.

Bachelor only:

Modul University Vienna generally welcomes credit transfer applications. All applicants should note, however, that a maximum of 60 ECTS credits (equivalent to approximately one year of completed coursework) may be transferred.

After being admitted to the study program, future students are supposed to submit the credit transfer application to the Academic Office for review. Only completed applications will be reviewed so please do not forget to attach your relevant transcripts and course overviews (syllabi).

Transfer credit is granted on an individual basis and is not guaranteed.

Click here for more information.

The four-year BBA program is specifically designed for those students with career aspirations in the international hotel industry. The program offers an additional year of study during which a focus is put on operational aspects of the industry, including practical training in kitchen and service operations.  Students will benefit from a in-depth analysis of hotel and restaurant operations, as well as opportunities to develop as a person within the social context of the hospitality industry.

The three-year program, on the other hand has a more generic approach towards hotel and tourism management.  The core courses are the same for both programs, making the three-year program suitable for students with prior vocational education as well as those who want to embark on a career in the general tourism industry.

Application Procedure

We can review your application if you can provide evidence that you already booked your English exam date. 

Please note that students who need a Visa to study in Austria can not receive a Conditional Acceptance letter if the proof of English proficiency has not been provided.

You can already go ahead and apply! If accepted, we will offer you a ‘provisional acceptance’, which means that a place in the program is reserved for you. This place will become definite once you submit your certificate to us. You must submit your most up-to-date transcript with your application.

The CV should be a general summary of your personal, educational, and professional background. A typical CV will start off with a personal information section, including name, contact details, date of birth, citizenship, etc. This should be followed by a section containing information about your education, and a section on your professional background, including any voluntary work or internships. If you like, you can include a section on your personal interests and skills.

The letter of motivation is a very important part of your application, which will assist the university in learning about your goals and reasons for wanting to study the program of interest, as well as helping us to get an idea of who you are as an individual. Your letter of motivation must be written in English, and should be approximately one A4 sized typed page in length. Some points to consider are: educational and personal background, motivation for business/tourism studies, career plans, expectations etc.

Bachelor programs: Please provide one recommendation letter. For example, you may ask teachers, counselors or private instructors you have worked closely with while attending secondary school.

Master programs: Please provide two recommendation letters from previous lecturers, professors, thesis supervisor etc.

Completing your application for admission is the only preparation that you need for your interview with an Admissions Officer at Modul University Vienna. We are primarily interested in learning more about your motivation and ambition to attend MU Vienna. Please be prepared to elaborate on the personal information included in your application documents.

All the interviews are conducted online through Microsoft Teams, so there is no need to come to campus for your interview.

However, if you wish to visit our campus before enrolling, you can always reach out to recruitmentsymbolmodul.acpunktat to schedule a visit.

You will hear if your application has been successful usually within 10 days after your application interview. If admitted, you will receive notification and relevant documents by email.  If unsuccessful, all applicants will receive notification also by email.

Financial Information

Please click here to find information about the tuition fees of each study program.

We have 4 payment options for new students joining MU. Once you have been conditionally or fully accepted, and received your study contract, you will also be asked to notify us of your payment preference. A detailed payment plan will then be issued along with your first invoice.

With any of the options, the initial payment deadline is 3 weeks from the date your Admission Offer Letter and Study Contract is sent to you. 

Payment options:

1. Full Tuition

You can chose to pay your full program tuition fees in one payment and will receive 5% discount. 

2. Yearly

You can pay for 1-year up front, which is the equivalent of 2 semesters.

3. Semesterly

You can pay per semester and receive 2% discount For new students, you will be invoiced upon confirmation of acceptance, and for current students invoicing and payment is due before December 15th (Spring semester) or July 15th (Fall semester).

3. Monthly

If you choose to pay monthly, we will split your semester payment into 5 instalments of 20%. Your first payment will be due in line with your offer/acceptance letter, remaining payments for your first semester will then fall on the 15th of each month there after.

If you have any questions at all about finances, tuition fees or payment options, please contact recruitmentsymbolmodul.acpunktat


The first tuition payment can be done through the application portal. Once the study contracted is signed and returned, and the payment choice has been selected, the Accounting Team will reach out with all the payment details. 

These are the average costs and estimated commitments per semester (5 months).

Housing and Visa

Yes, you do. Students under the age of 18 must have a guardian in Austria. Your guardian must be over the age of 18 and a legal resident of Austria. Additionally, your guardian must provide a letter of reference for you that states that he/she is legally and financially responsible for you. This letter of reference must be notarized. Proper documentation will have to be provided at the notary.

Yes. Although Modul University Vienna does not own any student accommodation, we have an agreement with student housing providers in Vienna.

For more information on accommodation, please click here.

Yes. Once you have been officially accepted to MODUL University Vienna, it is very important that you begin your visa application immediately. 

Please note: It is up to you to make an appointment with the Austrian authority (embassy, consulate) in your home country to inquire which specific steps must be taken and which specific documents must be submitted. We will provide a Visa support service which will help you along the way, but ultimately the responsibility is yours.

For more information click here.

This depends on your citizenship and country of residence. For citizens of some countries it can be a matter of weeks, but for citizens of most other countries, the process can take between 2-6 months. This is not something the university can predict, thus we suggest that you always check the current waiting times witht the embassy in your country.

A detailed description of the requirements and process to obtain it can be found here.

Modul University Vienna will provide you with further information about visas and residency permits upon your acceptance.

Austrian study and work regulations vary according to nationality, level of education, visa type and hours of employment.  

Please click here for further information.

Study Start

Yes, you can, however, you will need to have a guardian in Austria. Your guardian must be over the age of 18 and a legal resident of Austria. Additionally, your guardian must provide a letter of reference for you that states that he/she is legally and financially responsible for you. This letter of reference must be notarized. Proper documentation will have to to be provided at the notary.

Please click here for the academic calendar which provides information about the structure of the academic year.

The Student Service Center will send you details about course registration via email, approximately about one month prior to the study start.

Yes, MODUL University offers an extensive selection of language courses. We are partnered with 4 language schools - in total 60 different languages are possible. Only German courses take place on MU campus, the rest at our partner institutions. Students can do one language course per semester and up to 4 language courses are included in the tuition fees.

Language course registration is available at the same time as university course registration.

The main aspects of the study contract are:

  • Obligations of the university and the students
  • Reference to study regulations and house rules
  • Financial obligations
  • Reasons for termination of a contract
  • Use of personal data