Student Spotlight - Gabriela Basovska, MSc in Management

Gabriela Basovska successfully completed a Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Modul University in July 2016, and decided to continue with a Master of Management studies in the fall. She shared her thoughts on what makes MU such a great place to study!

Why did you decide to continue with Master studies at MU?

Since the beginning of my bachelor studies at MU, I felt like a part of the community. For the professors, you are not just a number, we greet each other, and with time your colleagues become your friends. I loved the view, and there was nothing at all I would change. Therefore, no other university was an option after finishing my bachelor.

Why do you believe pursuing a Master degree is necessary these days?

Firstly, you do it for yourself. If you start studying in general, why to stop with a Bachelor? Holding various degrees opens more doors in your life. Especially because you see the differences between each degree and your personal development with it. You can learn so much, and as colleagues and professors change you have the opportunity to combine your knowledge obtained before and now. Adding work experience is the perfect combination to get the job you always wanted.

What do you value about your study time at MU?

That effort is appreciated, not only by the professors that teach me, but as well by the whole faculty. MU opens doors for you, and supports you in many activities. For example, as I started my Master studies I got an internship offer because I was recommended by my professor for that position. At other big universities, professors do not even know your name.

Secondly, having already been at MU for four years, I decided to run as a Master Student Representative in the ÖH elections, which was a success. Next to my work and studies, I am engaging in different activities as a Student Ambassador.

Not to forget, MU gave me the opportunity to spend six months in Miami, FL where I completed my internship as a bachelor student, and this fall I will experience an exchange semester in Barcelona as a Master student.

What difference do you experience between the Master and the Bachelor programs?

In the bachelor classes, you have to sit and listen although participation is always a big part of your grade. There is a great balance between exams, papers, homework and participation, but still the professors will rather have a frontal presentation. Whereas in the master classes it is expected from you to implement all the knowledge you obtained in the bachelor. Being able to criticize and to have your own opinion are criteria that you need to fulfill to successfully obtain and exchange the knowledge available.