Bachelor Internships

As part of the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management and Bachelor in Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations degrees, students must complete a 900 hour internship which generally lasts 4-6 months  – where they do it is all up to them!

''Perched on a hill in Puigpunyent, a small town in the western part of Mallorca, surrounded by high mountains like the Galatzo, one can find the beautifully refurbished Gran Hotel Son Net, which used to be a knight´s castle in the 17th century.

It was a really nice experience to work in such an impressive environment for sophisticated clients, some of them are even quite famous! I met a lot of inspiring people and learnt a lot about myself! I enjoyed having had the possibility to get to know the entire island, and I am so happy about how good my Spanish has become.

Gran Hotel Son Net is a real nice place to work and if anyone is keen to work in an outstandingly beautiful place and enjoy the warm weather of Mallorca and all the facets of the splendid island, I would recommend giving it a go!''

'’Prior to the internship, my expectations were not so high, mainly because one’s first work experience is usually not very rich with responsible and challenging tasks, especially in the accounting department. However, after the first month, I noticed that I was given more challenging and responsible tasks, which made me feel committed to and more familiar with the financial activities of the company.

The skills and competencies that I attained are, in my opinion, very important for future working experiences as well as for employment potential. I especially value the skills I acquired concerning electronic management systems, their integration, and functions in the company. But most important for me is the understanding of the overall functioning process of the finance department and its inter-relationships with other departments, especially Sales and Marketing, Purchasing and F&B, which allows for a deeper insight into the processes behind the scene.

Overall, I enjoyed my internship experience! It was an effective way to meet the hospitality industry and to connect the knowledge gained in university and apply it in practice.’’

 "Dubai was the perfect destination for my internship since it is one of the fastest growing and developing tourism destinations. The weather is either hot or hotter and it is a booming hub of business, entertainment and tourism, not only in the Middle East, but also worldwide.

After a few days of learning about the brand, company history, and the hotel itself, I started working in various departments. I went through the uniform section, laundry, call center, in-room dining and housekeeping.

Then, I finally focused on the front office department, where I worked as a front desk agent, guest relations agent and member of the executive lounge. Additionally, I also tried the bell boy position, valet driver job, and last but not least, all of the concierge duties.

In four amazing months spent in Dubai, I learned to deal with a wide variety of tasks and I met people from all around the world. Every day in this highly luxurious and unique hotel was challenging and completely different.

When I look back now, I know I made the right decision and I am thankful I was given the opportunity to work in the world's tallest hotel!"

''My internship at the Hotel Sacher Vienna started on July 1st as a telephone operator. The main task in this position was the forwarding of externally coming phone calls to corresponding departments. Secondary tasks included writing welcoming letters, email correspondence, taking care of the post, printing menus, and several more. The Front Office Manager's intention was to give me time to get to know the hotel's team and main operations rather than being immediately confronted with the guests in person. Applying this strategy was very useful to get used to the operations step by step.

After two weeks I started to work at the reception. With time the colleagues tried to make me familiar with day-to-day tasks. The most important thing I was taught was how to use the Opera reservations system correctly and in coherence with the standards of the hotel. I was trained how to set alerts and traces, how to update and merge profiles and finally how to do check-ins and check-outs according to the standards of Fine Hotels and Resorts. An important part was to properly welcome the guests and to show them around in the hotel and the room. I learned how to interact with the guests in the expected manner and to handle inconvenient situations with patience and calmness.

In addition, I performed administrative tasks such as checking the guests´ credit limit, preparing invoices to be sent to the accounting department or preparing the daily report for the night auditor. After about two weeks of working at the front desk, I felt that I could make positive contributions and that I was able to support my colleagues. Although there still were tasks I was not used to doing yet, I felt that the whole team very much appreciated my work.

As I already had a course at MU on the Opera reservations system, I could already imagine what to expect from working as a receptionist. On the other hand, I did not have an exact picture of the additional tasks that need to be done at the reception. Of course the amount of preparation tasks is higher at the Hotel Sacher as opposed to other hotels, since all rooms offer different features and look very different from one another.

Doing my internship at the Hotel Sacher Vienna made it possible to gain an unbelievably high amount of experience. Especially in the position of a receptionist, I cannot think of another hotel that could possibly train me in an as precisely way as the team at Sacher did. Of course there were also occurrences that were not as convenient in the first place. Being the only intern assigned to night shifts was nothing I would have expected in advance. Retrospectively though, it was one of the best experiences I ever had as it made me understand the coherence between the day and the night shift.

Another point I would like to stress is the familiarity within the team. All colleagues tried their best to make me feel welcome and to get me integrated within the team. Therefore working in this environment made me understand what real teamwork and team spirit actually stands for. Somehow it was possible to feel that the hotel is family-owned regarding the treatment of people amongst each other.

Turning to the interaction with guests I can say that working at the Hotel Sacher very positively contributed to the way I am now able to deal with difficult situations. On the other hand I learnt how easy it can be to turn a guest´s stay into an unforgettable experience.

Working at the Hotel Sacher Vienna was a great experience for me. The internship taught me a lot – professionally as well as personally. Therefore I was very delighted when I was offered to continue my work on a part-time basis.''

‘’From the very beginning I was certain – I wanted to experience my internship in an unforgettable environment. I knew those six months would be the perfect opportunity to explore the world and gain hands-on experience in a remarkable setting abroad.

Due to several recommendations, the Kempinski brand was my first choice for where to apply, and therefore I attended the Kempinski Career Day in Munich. After introducing myself to the General Manager of the Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, the whole application process went very quick – a few weeks later I had a Skype interview with the Director of Sales and Marketing, and suddenly it became serious: I am going to do a Management Traineeship in Sales & Marketing in Bangkok for half a year between February and August.

When I arrived in the ‘City of Angels’, I was overwhelmed by my first impressions of Bangkok, as well as felt comfortable from the very beginning. After my orientation week, I was introduced to diverse tasks for which the Sales & Marketing department is in charge of as well as which goals they have to accomplish. Consequently, I have been gaining experiences in different departments: Sales, Marketing/E-Commerce, Catering Sales, Reservations, and Public Relations.

The whole team has been establishing a comfort zone for me since day one. I enjoy working together with highly knowledgeable people from whom I am able to learn a lot. Different team building activities such as team outings or the ‘Kempinski Sport Day’, got me even closer to them.

Soon I recognized and appreciated at the same time how much respect Kempinski shows towards Management Trainees. From the very beginning I was allowed to attend management meetings or join sales calls and external sites inspections. Moreover, I have been given a lot of responsibility such as designing promotional packages for business partners in terms of coming up with an idea, communicating to different involved departments, finalizing the promotion, and last but not least, distributing it to the target group. Likewise, I already helped with an event starting from the point of selling it, organizing it, and lastly viewing the final performance.

MODUL University provided me with great fundamentals for working in a multicultural setting. Recently I have been able to apply various acquired skills in terms of the interaction with another culture, language barriers, as well as relevant know-how gained from different courses.

Experienced with the international environment at MODUL University, I am enjoying my time together with people from around the world, who have already become good friends. Besides, Bangkok offers you everything the heart desires - shopping, dinning, clubbing, and an amazing starting point for travel in Thailand as well as to several other charming destinations that Asia has to offer.

As result of the support of my family, friends as well as a great team, I am able to enjoy my stay in Bangkok to the fullest. I look forward to all the unique experiences that are still to come in my last couple of months. At the same time, I am convinced that I will continue in the hotel and tourism field in the future, and hence I am already curious about the destination where I will end up next!’’

“Besides the daily tasks at work, the challenge mostly lies in dealing with the never ending culture shock. Originally coming from Europe, I am used to a neat and clean environment, scheduled agendas, deadlines and perfect organization. However, expecting this in the African hospitality industry is wishful thinking. 

Luckily my journey led me to an exceptionally professional Safari and Property Management company: Wildplaces Africa and The Uganda Safari Company. These two companies operate in the high-end tourism segment of Uganda. Whether you look for an adventurous safari, a cozy hideaway after gorilla tracking, or a relaxing weekend on the beach, Wildplaces lodges have it all. 

My internship consisted of different parts. The first three months, I was lucky enough to be put in lodge managers' shoes - the most challenging experience I ever had in my life. 

Even during my last two months, which I spent working in the head office in Uganda’s capital city Kampala, made me realize that culture most certainly affects the way you work and handle situations".

''One of my greatest dreams was always to live in a big city like New York, but I never knew how to make this dream come true. Then I had the huge opportunity to apply for the Carlyle in New York, which is part of the Rosewood Collection. The interview was conducted through Skype, which was highly interesting and strange, but successful; I got accepted just two days later.

Most of the Rosewood Hotels are located in North America, Middle America and the Middle East. The Carlyle is one of the most famous hotels in New York, highly ranked by Conde Nast Travelers Magazine. In 2011 the Carlyle achieved #1 in N.Y. and #8 in the United States. It is known for being a permanent hot spot and is the first choice of a lot of important international business people and celebrities.

My family advised me that applying for the Carlyle would be the optimal chance. It’s probably the best city to gain experience in the field of hospitality in the short time of six months, because tourism never sleeps in New York. There is always something going on!

The internship lasted nearly six months from March – August. I had the chance to work at the Department of Housekeeping and the Front Desk. In just a couple of days my colleagues fully integrated me in their team and there was good harmony throughout the six months, which definitely helped me feeling comfortable, especially at the beginning. Working with my experienced colleagues and the demanding guests of the Carlyle helped me in improving my language skills, gaining more self-confidence, reducing my shyness towards people, and maturing from an inexperienced to a quite -knowledgeable person about hospitality, even though I spent just six months at the Carlyle.

It was an amazing experience with difficult challenges, such as fulfilling the detailed wishes of particularly demanding guests and trying to satisfy their needs, which we didn’t always match, but that’s part of the business. It was definitely the hardest work I’ve done so far, but it was a unique time of my life. Besides working in New York, the city itself has so much to offer for a young person, so it never gets boring.

MODUL Career helped me with responding to all my questions concerning the preparation for the internship and the visa. They provided great assistance, which made the process of preparation much easier and faster.''