MU Cares Certificate

MU Cares is a wide-ranging concept that promotes student engagement and responsible living in keeping with the MU core values of stewardship and responsibility.

The MU Cares Intercultural Certificate is specifically designed to encourage students to participate in shaping their community and honing their professional aptitude by recognizing their extracurricular efforts and achievements in light of the MU core values which also include knowledge, creativity, innovation, personal integrity, and mutual respect.

At MU, we offer students many opportunities to build upon their existing set of skills and acquire new ones. As members of a growing international community of students and friends, we are contributing to the rise of a global culture that values intercultural education and experience very highly. It is our goal to create ambassadors of responsible living who will lead with a strong sense of social responsibility and cultural sensitivity in an increasingly diversified world.

To be awarded the MU Cares Intercultural Certificate, you must be a student at MU and demonstrate initiative and acquisition in at least four of five intercultural skills units. The MU Cares Intercultural Certificate will be issued upon successful application at the graduation ceremony by the Student Service Center with the support of Modul Career and the Academic Office. Please note that it is your responsibility to manage your time and attendance in order to successfully fulfill the requirements for the MU Cares Intercultural Certificate. You may request the MU Cares Intercultural Certificate at the Student Service Center once you have successfully fulfilled the requirements and provided proper documentation of your participation in at least four of five intercultural skills units.

Please stop by the Student Service Center to pick up your application form!

There are many opportunities to shape and strengthen our international student community right here at MU including volunteering at events or becoming a buddy to a new student, leading a club, or participating in video shoots and marketing events.  

20 hours or appx. 4 events/programs per year

You can spread MU’s core values while sharpening your intercultural skills by leading and supporting social and charity initiatives in the city of Vienna such as the MU charity football tournament, SOS Kinderdorf events, and Red Cross blood drives.  

20 hours or appx. 4 events/programs per year

Learn how to transform your intercultural skills into personal and professional rewards by participating in thematic workshops organized by Modul Career and joining excursions to industry partners and conferences around the world.  

Join 2 workshops at MU or 2 excursions per year

A semester or internship abroad is an excellent opportunity to deepen and expand your intercultural skills by putting them to the test in a new environment that is neither your home country nor your country of study (Austria).

Semester abroad through the MU Exchange Program
Complete mandatory/optional internship through MU

Language fluency is an indispensable component of intercultural communication and understanding. The acquisition of additional languages has the power to enrich your personal life and drive your international career forward.

Pass 3 of 4 semesters of non-curricular language courses at MU-partnered language schools  
Pass 2 of 4 semesters of non-curricular language courses at MU-partnered language schools and participate in the MU Language Tandem Program for a minimum of 1 semester