Doctorate in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences

Admission Criteria - Required Prerequisites

  • Although MODUL University Vienna's PhD candidates come from diverse academic backgrounds, all incoming candidates must hold a master-level degree (or it's equivalent) in either business or one of the social or economic sciences.  This degree must be granted from an accredited post-secondary educational institution. 
  • Applicants must demonstrate an aptitude for conducting high-quality research in the selected area of scholarship.
  • The program is conducted in English, and PhD candidates should have excellent spoken and written English skills.  (German language proficiency is not a requirement of the program or university.)

  • Applicants for the Researcher/Lecturer program path must be willing to assist in teaching and/or administrative tasks at the undergraduate level.

  • Interested applicants who do not already fulfill the above requirements may still qualify for PhD admission after successfully completing Master of Sciences (MSc) courses at MODUL University Vienna.