Faculty Publications

“The impact of corporate sustainability performance on advertising efficiency” (OR Spectrum) 

Karl Weinmayer, Marion Garaus and Udo Wagner


“When attention-grabbing tactics backfire during media multitasking: The detrimental effect of atypical advertising slogans on brand attitude” (Telematics and Informatics)

Marion Garaus and Elisabeth Wolfsteiner


“The unhealthy-tasty intuition in dining out situations: the role of health inferences and taste expectations” (Frontiers in Nutrition)

Marion Garaus, Elisabeth Wolfsteiner and Jennifer Hu


“US consumers’ mental associations with meat substitute products” (Frontiers in Nutrition)

Marion Garaus and Christian Garaus


The Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare: Taking stock and moving forward” (Internet of Things)

Abderahman Rejeb, Andrea Appolloni, Horst Treiblmaier, Karim Rejeb, Mohammad Iranmanesh, Salem Alghamdi, Yaser Alhasawi


The role of blockchain technology in the transition toward the circular economy: Findings from a systematic literature review” (Resources, Conservation & Recycling Advances)

Abderahman Rejeb, Andrea Appolloni, Horst Treiblmaier, John G. Keogh, Karim Rejeb, Mohammad Iranmanesh, 


“How to incorporate temporal change in digital business research: The use of process theory and agent-based modeling” (Digital Business)

Horst Treiblmaier


The role of time convenience and (anticipated) emotions in AR mobile retailing application adoption” (Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services)

Gaukhar ChekembayevaMarion Garaus and Orsolya Schmidt


"The pricing of European airbnb listings during the pandemic: A difference-in-differences approach employing COVID-19 response strategies as a continuous treatment” (Tourism Management)

Bozana Zekan, Francesco Luigi Milone and Ulrich Gunter


Is it time for marketing to reappraise B2C relationship management? The emergence of a new loyalty paradigm through blockchain technology” (Journal of Business Research)

Horst Treiblmaier and Elena Petrozhitskaya


Why, where and how are organizations using blockchain in their supply chains? Motivations, application areas and contingency factors” (International Journal of Operations & Production Management)

Wafaa A.H. Ahmed, Bart L. MacCarthy and Horst Treiblmaier



Exploring Food Supply Chain Trends in the COVID-19 Era: A Bibliometric Review” (Sustainability)

Abderahman Rejeb, Andrea Appolloni, Horst Treiblmaier, Karim Rejeb, Mohammad Iranmanesh, Sandeep Jagtap


Cultural roadblocks? Acceptance of blockchain-based hotel booking among individualistic and collectivistic travelers” (Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology)

Andreas Strebinger and Horst Treiblmaier


Efficient Satisfaction Building: A Comparative Study of Ski Resorts” (Tourism Analysis)

Bozana Zekan and Josef Mazanec



"Modeling enablers for blockchain adoption in the circular economy” (Sustainable Futures)

Abderahman Rejeb, Horst Treiblmaier, John G. Keogh, Karim Rejeb, Suhaiza Zailani 


Data‑driven personalization of television content: a survey” (Multimedia Systems)

Lyndon Nixon, Jeremy Foss, Konstantinos Apostolidis, Vasileios Mezaris 


The big picture on Instagram research: Insights from a bibliometric analysis” (Telematics and Informatics)

Abderahman Rejeb, Alireza Abdollahi, Horst Treiblmaier, Karim Rejeb


The Interplay between the Internet of Things and agriculture: A bibliometric analysis and research agenda” (Internet of Things)

Abderahman Rejeb, Alireza Abdollahi, Fadi Al-Turjman, Horst Treiblmaier, Karim Rejeb


The big picture on the internet of things and the smart city: a review of what we know and what we need to know” (Internet of Things)

Abderahman Rejeb, Horst Treiblmaier, Karim Rejeb, Steve Simske, Suhaiza Zailani 


Understanding value perceptions and propositions: A machine learning approach” (Journal of Business Research)

Yuliya KolomoyetsAstrid Dickinger


On the Malleability of Consumer Attitudes toward Disruptive Technologies: A Pilot Study of Cryptocurrencies” (Information)

Evgeny Gorbunov, Horst Treiblmaier


What Is Coming across the Horizon and How Can We Handle It? Bitcoin Scenarios as a Starting Point for Rigorous and Relevant Research” (Future Internet)

Horst Treiblmaier


“Drones in agriculture: A review and bibliometric analysis” (Computers and Electronics in Agriculture)

Abderahman Rejeb, Alireza Abdollahi, Horst Treiblmaier, Karim Rejeb


“Forecasting Tourism in the EU after the COVID-19 Crisis” (Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research)

Bozana ZekanEgon SmeralUlrich Gunter


“The Internet of Things and the circular economy: A systematic literature review and research agenda” (Journal of Cleaner Production)

Abderahman Rejeb, Horst Treiblmaier, Karim Rejeb, Stefan Seuring, Zailani Suhaiza


“Package cycle tourists' relationship to time and pace” (Tourism and Hospitality Research)

Tina R Tiller, Xavier Matteucci


“Envisioning the futures of cultural tourism” (Futures)

Ko Koens, Licia Calvi , Simone Moretti, Xavier Matteucci


“Profiling early adopters of blockchain-based hotel booking applications: demographic, psychographic, and service-related factors” (Journal of Information Technology and Tourism) 

Andreas Strebinger, Horst Treiblmaier


“Beyond Blockchain: How Tokens Trigger the Internet of Value and what Marketing Researchers Need to Know About Them” (Journal of Marketing Communications)

Horst Treiblmaier


“Anthropomorphism as a Differentiation Strategy for Standardized Reusable Glass Containers” (Sustainability)

Charlotte Jermendy, Christian Garaus, Elisabeth Wolfsteiner, Marion Garaus


“When Food Co-Branding Backfires: The Overexpectation Effect” (Foods)

Arnd Florack, Elisabeth Wolfsteiner, Marion Garaus


“Looking behind the scenes at dark tourism: a comparison between academic publications and user-generated-content using natural language processing” (Journal of Heritage Tourism)

Joanne YuRoman Egger


“Intra- and Interorganizational Barriers to Blockchain Adoption: A General Assessment and Coping Strategies in the Agrifood Industry” (Logistics)

Abderahman Rejeb, Horst Treiblmaier, Mary Lacity, Remko van Hoek


“Selfie campaigns as advertising tactic: mental imagery as a driver of brand interest and participation” (International Journal of Advertising)

Alexander Girschick, Elisabeth Wolfsteiner, Marion GarausUdo Wagner


“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourists' air travel intentions: The role of perceived health risk and trust in the airline” (Journal of Air Transport Management)

Marion GarausMelánia Hudáková


“How augmented reality impacts retail marketing: a state-ofthe-art review from a consumer perspective” (Journal of Strategic Marketing)

Abderahman Rejeb, Horst Treiblmaier, Karim Rejeb


“Frontiers: Supporting Content Marketing with Natural Language Generation” (Marketing Science)

Daniel DanDavid A. Schweidel, Martin Reisenbichler, Thomas Reutterer 


“The role of intermodal transport on urban tourist mobility in peripheral areas of Hong Kong” (Research in Transportation Business & Management)

Richard Hrankai, Lorenzo Masiero, Judit Zoltan


“Using blockchain to signal quality in the food supply chain: The impact on consumer purchase intentions and the moderating effect of brand familiarity” (International Journal of Information Management)

Horst TreiblmaierMarion Garaus


“Drones for supply chain management and logistics: a review and research agenda” (International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications)

Abderahman Rejeb, Horst Treiblmaier, Karim Rejeb, Steven J. Simske


“A Topic Modeling Comparison Between LDA, NMF, Top2Vec, and BERTopic to Demystify Twitter Posts” (Frontiers in Sociology)

Joanne YuRoman Egger


“Playing when paying and what happens next: Customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth intention in gambled price promotions” (Schmalenbach Business Review)

Karl Akbari, Udo Wagner


“An eye-tracking study on autistic children's visual attention: The use of spatial-progression, time-sequence, colours and shape-patterns in picture book designs” (Current Psychology)

Joanne YuXiang Lian, Wilson Cheong Hin Hong


“No one left behind in education: blockchain‑based transformation and its potential for social inclusion” (Asia Pacific Education Review)

Horst Treiblmaier, Andrei O. J. Kwok


“On the Importance of Leisure Travel for Psychosocial Wellbeing” (Annals of Tourism Research)

Ivo Ponocny

On the importance of leisure travel for psychosocial wellbeing - ScienceDirect

“Media Multitasking, Advertising Appeals, and Gender Effects” (Review of Managerial Science)

Elisabeth Wolfsteiner, Marion Garaus


“Blockchain Technologies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: A Bibliometric Review” (Logistics)

Abderahman Rejeb, Horst TreiblmaierKarim Rejeb, Steve Simske


“Regional sustainability and tourism carrying capacities” (Journal of Cleaner Production)

Bernd Schuh, Bozana Zekan, Christian Weismayer, Ulrich Gunter, Sabine Sedlacek


Exploring the Next Wave of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology: The Overlooked Potential of Scenario Analysis” (Future Internet)

Horst Treiblmaier


Modeling tourist accessibility to peripheral attractions” (Annals of Tourism Research)

Richard Hrankai, Lorenzo Masiero


Eye-Tracking Analysis on Potential Art Festival Goers” (Event Management)

Joanne YuHenrique F. B. Ngan, Weng Si (Clara) Lei