Master and MBA Theses

Student research activities are primarily expressed by the thesis, which is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree. Ideally, a master thesis establishes a link between theory and practice. 

Theses that have reached grades 90% or higher will be published here in regular intervals. By special requests of some students, their theses will be withheld for a certain time period (5 years max.) and will be published after that.


Relationships for air crews – How does the job affect the work-life ballance - Gloria Victora Fila (abstract) (full text)

Have sustainable health systems met their potential benefits? (A European perspective) - Michelle Granda (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Online Dynamic Pricing Strategies on Consumers’ Trust, Fairness Perceptions, and Loyalty - Qinrui Xu (abstract) (full text)

Stakeholder Perception Towards a Medication Delivery Platform in Austria and Its Impact on Different Stakeholder Groups - Daniel Mitheis (abstract) (full text)

The Effect of Augmented Reality on Consumers’ Reactions to Mobile Marketing - Orsolya Schmidt (abstract) (full text)

Strategic Management Approaches to Combat the Impact of COVID-19 on Urban and Rural Area Hotels - The Case of Tyrol, Austria - Lisa Unterganschnigg (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behavior Concerning Sustainability in the Field of Plastic - Thomas Wagner (abstract) (full text)

Roles and Potentials of Urban and Rural Makerspaces in the Digital and Sustainability Transition in Post-Covid Europe - Omara Ré (full text)

Psychological Analysis into Consumer Luxury Shopping Behavior in China during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic - Bowen Tan (abstract) (full text)

Adoption of Cryptocurrencies by Milllennials in Vienna: Is there a Future for Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? - Benjamin Šafarič (full text)

Privacy Concerns - How Customers Perceive Different Privacy Policies? - Haidi Alla (abstract) (full text)

An Analysis of the Influence of Political Identity, Economic Ideology and Anti-intellectualism on Climate Change Attitudes in the US - Gerard Magloire (full text)

Transition to Circular Economy in the European Union: Focus on the Machinery and Equipment Industry - Quentin Danjou (abstract) (full text)

Office Space Development and Respective Effects on Productivity and Work-Life Balance - Jochen Nowak (abstract) (full text)

Instagram Consumer Engagement: does the language matter? - Dariia Sharafan (abstract) (full text)

Digital Transfomation in the Sports Apparel Industry: the case of Nike, Inc. - Lukas Stangl (abstract) (full text)

Viability of Using a Social Business to Reintegrate Women Formerly Exploited in Prostitution into Society and the Workforce - Valerie Urdich (abstract) (full text)

Application Possibilities of Blockchain Technology in Tourism - Maximilian Künstner (abstract) (full text)

Sustainability Certificates of Hotel Properties - Yannick Herzberg (abstract) (full text)

Crisis Management and Destination Image Repair after Terrorism - Linn Minar (abstract) (full text)

Defining and assessing environmentally friendly hotel concepts and their effects on destinations - Apostolos Tsiantis (full text)

Understanding Online Banking Adoption: interprative study in Austrian banking context - Veronika Chikhradze (abstract) (full text)

What Works and What Doesn't in Social Media for University Recruitment - Diana Palnychenko (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Brand Loyalty Towards Luxury Cosmetics Brands: comparison of Generation Z and Millenial - Karina Dogra (full text)

Nomads Experience and Overall Well-Being: the role of co-living spaces - Jennifer Sin Hung von Zumbusch (abstract)

Success Factors of Urban Farming Projects in Europe: a case study analysis - Victoria Felser (abstract) (full text)

Finding the Airline's Sweet Spot: matching travelers' expectations and experiences - Rick Boender (abstract) (full text)

Backpackers’ Expectations of Hybrid Hotels: A Text Mining Approach - Samantha Michele Mylocopos Ross (full text)

Perceived Livability of Expatriates: The case of barcelona - Gabriela Basovska (abstract)

Perceptions on the influence of wearable devices on life and work satisfaction - Stefan Catic (abstract) (full text)

Managing Deviant Customer Behavior in an Online Context: a comparison of hotels’ response strategies - Nadine Fischer (abstract) (full text)

Detroit’s Urban Revival: the influence of lower class socioeconomic groups on detroit’s urban revitalization - Davis Gibbs (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Psychological Development in Career Choices: motivation of overachievers vs. underachievers - Kateryna Gresenko (abstract) (full text)

Chalets resorts in the Alps: curse or blessing for the local communities - Michael Winkler (abstract) (full text)

How to Strike a Viral Video Success: a study on the influence of the emotional tone on consumer intentions and attitudes -  Vera Wanivenhaus  (abstract) (full text)

The development of cultural tourism in Europe focused on the economic value of the Salzburg festival - Christina Norman Audenhove (abstract) (full text)

Factors Influencing Recipe Promotion on Facebook - Pamina Marie Strobl (abstract) (full text)

Digitalisation Strategies for Art Museums - Nour Matroud (abstract) (full text)

Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Bidding Process of Hotel Operators - Nicole Börner (abstract) (full text)

A Stakeholder’s View on the Creation of a Sustainable Energy-Flagship Region Within the LEADER-Region Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Nina Zitz (abstract) (full text)

Digitalisation Strategies for Art Museums - Nour Matroud (abstract) (full text)



Critical Review of Smart City Concepts, Strategies and Indicators - Birthe Getzner (abstract) (full text)

Effectiveness of B2B digital marketing strategies for lead generation - Case study: Lumiart, lighting company based in Guatemala - Monica Mendizabal (abstract) (full text)

Finance and Fine Wine - The rare Central European Fine Wine market as an alternative investment in the view of wineries, gastronomy and retail - Sieghard Vaja (abstract) (full text)

Student recruitment strategies for students originating from Balkan countries - Katrin Malcheva (full text)

Transparency of environmental reporting in Russian and European oil and gas companies - Anastasia Kratzer (full text)

Impact of macroeconomic variables on stock prices in Austria - Christian Kratzer (full text)

The Consumer Perspective on Blockchain-Enabled Loyalty Programs - Elena Petrozhitskaya (full text)

Consumer responses to (a)typical label design within standardized glass packaging shape - Charlotte Jermendy (abstract) (full text)

Role models in Social Entrepreneurship - Kyle Zhung Yong (abstract) (full text)

Space Efficiency in Hotel Development - Robert Suga (full text)

Memorable Hotel Experience Design – The GM’s Perspective - Nataša Keršič Razinger (abstract) (full text)

The Impact Development of Scheduled U.S. Macroeconomic Announcements on Foreign Exchange Rates: An empirical study of the nonfarm payrolls announcement and the EURUSD over the past two decades - Thomas Jandejsek (abstract) (full text)

Digitization in the B2B Pharmaceutical Industry: A similar State of Technology Adoption as in the B2B Food and Beverage Industry? A comparison - Valerie Pretscher (abstract) (full text)

Revenue, Yield, and Total Revenue Management – How flexible is the Viennese luxury hotel market - Gabriel Horrak (full text)

The Influence of Smart Hotel App Features on Five-Star Hotel Guests Booking Intention - Felix Fischer (abstract) (full text)

Residents' Attitudes towards Tourism and the Intentions to support/reject Tourism - Peter Johann Gatterer (full text

Hotel Chains' response to highly visited Urban Tourist Destinations: the Case of Vienna - Mubeen Thaha (abstract) (full text)

A sectoral Input/Output Analyses of the Economies of the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America - Waleed Shahzad (full text

The Use of Blockchain Technology use in the Supply Chain: a case study from Austria - Marijan Stipic (abstract) (full text)

Open Innovations: mapping activities in Vienna - Georg Sedlbauer (abstract) (full text)

Identification of User Requirements for Prosthetic Devices by Means of Text Mining in Online User Fora - Michael Russold (abstract) (full text)

Factors Affecting Successes and Failures of Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan - Jami Baktash (full text)

Spectrum of Emotions: From the evolution to the revision of the modern psychiatry and psychology - Lukas Mach (full text)

Corporate Strategy External Communication Practices in Research Organisations - Philippa Baumgartner (full text)

Career Expectations of Hospitality Students: A Swiss Context and Generational Effects - Tunde Bausz (full text)

Powerful synergies: Gender equality, sustainable development and peace - Annelisa Miglietti (full text)

Influence of Online Marketing Strategies on the Sales Success of B2B Companies - Urska Binter (full text)

The Millennial Workforce & The Rise Of The Gig Economy - Kevin Chaudhry (full text)

Analyzing Relations between Financial Indicators and the Public Debate Using Knowledge Extraction and Machine Learning Technologies - Wolfgang Radinger-Peer (full text)

Hedonic pricing and the sharing economy: How profile characteristics affect Airbnb accommodation prices in Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville - Baldwin Tong (full text)

Shopping for Innovation: A Startup Selection Guide - Martin Hammerschmid (full text)

Impact factors on the adoption of Blockchain Technology in the Hotel Industry - David Hochschwarzer (full text)

The Characteristics of Pro-Environmental Urban Tourists: A Market Segmentation Study Based on the New Ecological Paradigm - Jennifer Day (full text)

The aspects of culinary tourism in Tourists’ satisfaction and tourists’ loyalty. Insights from Vienna - Thu Thuy Khuat (abstract) (full text)

Perceptions of visible tattoos and piercings in the service industry - Rahul Rao (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Corporate Finance in Eval-uating a Cloud Computing Strategy - A Chief Financial Officer perspective - Andreas Rynes (full text)

A sustainable hotel concept and its contribution to the city-hinterland tourism - Carina Becker (full text)

Social Media Influencers in the Travel Industry: an analysis - Isabel Laczkovich (abstract) (full text)