Master and MBA Theses

Student research activities are primarily expressed by the thesis, which is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree. Ideally, a master thesis establishes a link between theory and practice. 

Theses that have reached grades 90% or higher will be published here in regular intervals. By special requests of some students, their theses will be withheld for a certain time period (5 years max.) and will be published after that.


The Impact of ESG Ratings on Company Valuation - Victor de Bettignies (abstract) (full text)

Iran’s Railway Supply Chain Problems: Blockchain Solutions and Implementation Challenges - Ali Yazdani (full text)

The impact of blockchain technology on consumer behavior in the hospitality industry - Amir Feras Sabha (full text)

The Impact of Celebrity-Endorsed Marketing on Destination Attitudes - A Two Country Study - Anna Sophie Scherf (abstract) (full text)

Sustainable behavior and its correlates - stress and dominant social paradigm - Manh Thong Do (abstract) (full text)

Repairability in Austria - Insights into consumer perceptions in the context of the circular economy - Sophie Gruber (abstract) (full text)

Challenges Faced by Young Female Refugees in Austria: a qualitative study on the role of NGOs in labour market integration of this target group - Yasaman Majidi (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Online Product Reviews From the Consumer’s Perspective in the Beauty and Personal Care Industry - Isidora Radujkovic (abstract) (full text)

Consumers’ Perceptions of the Concept of Beauty in Social Media and Influencer Marketing - Deniz Karacaaslan (full text)

The Influence of Emotional Advertising within Digital Marketing Charity Campaigns on Donation Intention - Laura Höfer (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Emotions in Online Job Reviews on Causal Attribution, Corporate Image, Perceived Usefulness, and Intention to Apply - Violetta Mucha (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Augmented Reality in Enhancing the Online Shopping Experience in the Beauty Industry - Nina Rössler (abstract) (full text)

Investigating the Relationship between Peer-to-Peer Accommodation and Overtourism in European Cities - Thomas Lesvigne (abstract) (full text)

Ecosystem Restoration: A case study of Costa Rica's payment of environmental services (PES) - Valentina Claro Vélez (abstract) (full text)

The Relationship Between Site Characteristics of Photovoltaic Parks and the Biodiversity Impacts of Management Actions - Diana Elisa Garcia Olea (abstract) (full text)

Impact of Climate-Related Factors on Strategies of Austrian Banks - Annalisa Kasztner (abstract) (full text)

Perceptions of Viennese People Towards Sustainable Behaviors Promoted by Yogic Philosophy - Parampara Patil Hashmi (abstract) (full text)

Marketing in Films: Effects of Product Placement and Contextual Factors on Consumer´s Perception of the Brand - Karl Friedrich Thaler (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Sustainable Advertising Appeals on Consumers’ Brand Attitude, Self-Efficacy and Purchase Intention - Alexandra Lipej (abstract) (full text)

Exploring the Compatibility of Economic Growth in Austria and the Worldwide Achievement of the SDGs - Nicole Taviv & Julia Pulai (abstract) (full text)

Exploring the Influence of Company Sustainability Performance on Financial Performance Within and Across GICS Sectors - Kristina Smiljkovic (abstract) (full text)

From Risk-Seeking to Risk-Averse Behavior: differences in making private financial decisions among socio-demographic groups - Jakob Temmer (abstract) (full text)

Using Sentiment Analysis on Tweets to Assess its Usefulness for Price and Purchase Signal Estimation: A case study of an NFT artwork - Sepehr Ghaffari (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Digitalization on the Way Towards a Sustainable Agricultural Sector in Colombia - Maria Catalina Atehortua Ospitia (abstract) (full text)

The Present and Forthcoming Influence of  AI Text-to-Image Platforms on Marketing Management - Máté Tamás Kántor (abstract) (full text)

Motivational Factors for Car Use Despite Access to Free Public Transport in Luxembourg - Rick Walentiny (abstract) (full text)

Unraveling the Motivations, Challenges, and Success Indicators of Social Entrepreneurs: A Comparative Study with Mainstream Entrepreneurs - Linda Oueslati (abstract) (full text)

On the Gap between Awareness and Voting Behavior: Are US citizens who believe in climate change voting for Green parties? - Elmira Rezagholizadeh (abstract) (full text)

Exploring the Applicability of the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology to Blockchain in the Banking Sector - Ehab KhizaranT (full text)

The Accuracy of European Policies in Fostering the Sustainability Transition - The Case of the ‘European Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textile’ - Francesca Radovcic (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Advertising Appeals on Store Visit Intentions During Seasonal Shopping Events - Isabell Christin Sorf (abstract) (full text)

Residents’ perceptions of the impact of robotaxis on society, economy, and environment: The case of Zagreb - Marlon Anthony Don Schmidt (abstract) (full text)

Employee Happiness in Event Management Sector before and after Covid – 19 in Vienna - Hin Karwan Rashid (abstract) (full text)

Wiener Linien in the context of Smart City Vienna, Austria - Adrian Paul Montia (full text

Consumer Perception on Proposed Food Benefits Brought by the Farm to Fork Strategy; Austria as a case study - Aleksa Mirkovic (full text)

Critical Success Factors for Implementing AI Technologies in the Context of Startup Business Operations - Paul Kippes (abstract) (full text)

Analysis and Contextualization of the Emotions and the Narrative Created on Parler Through Social Media Posts in the Days Before the Storm on the U.S. Capitol on the 6th of January 2021 - Sebastian Janke (abstract) (full text)

The Psychological Importance of Green Spaces During COVID-19: A comparison between those who had access to gardens and balconies and those who did not in the Balkan region - Anaïs Janik (full text)

Psychological Analysis of Resilience Between Women and Men in Vienna's International Working Environment - Athina Dodbiba (full text)

The Influence of a Crisis on Food Consumption Lifestyle Trends - Johanna Schlenk (full text)

The Role of Tactile Product Descriptions in Online Retailing - Slavko Dasic (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Sensory Attributes in Stimulating Healthy Food Choices - Jennifer Yanyu Hu (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Bicycling for the Resilience and Sustainability of Transport in Urban Areas in the Post-COVID-19 World - Ana Marija Udovič (full text)

Transportation and Logistics Leadership in an Age of Digital Transformation in Austria - Sinem Ekiz (full text)

How did Airbnb Guests Experience the COVID-19 Pandemic in Vienna? - Tommy Manes (full text)

Why is Food Insecurity a Problem in a Country That Produces Enough Food: South Africa? - Bonnie Evert (abstract) (full text)

Towards a Multidimensional Biodiversity Conservation Index for Tourism Destinations - Dulce Fabiola Vega Posada (abstract) (full text)

Visualizing Instagram Data to Identify Common Tourist Hotspots within Austrian Destinations - Katharina Ladurner (abstract) (full text)

The Effect of Rational and Emotional Advertising Appeals on Students’ Place Attachment and Intentions to Study Abroad - Sofía Sánchez (full text)

The Influence of Instagram Posts on Millennials’ Tourism Destination Attitude - Muza Malova (full text)

A Study on Low-Cost Carriers' Travellers: attitudes and tourist behaviours - Ya-Yen Huang - (abstract) (full text)

From marketing to management: conceptualizing a strategic destination management scorecard (SDMSC) - Aitziber Pousa-Unanue (full text)

Identification of the most influential alpine ski resort characteristics - Yaroslav Martyniuk (abstract) (full text)

Factors Influencing the Job Satisfaction of Employees during the Pandemic Times: A study for the Administrative Staff of the Private Sector in Kosovo - Anita M. Spahijaj (full text)

Relationships for air crews – How does the job affect the work-life ballance - Gloria Victora Fila (abstract) (full text)

Have sustainable health systems met their potential benefits? (A European perspective) - Michelle Granda (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Online Dynamic Pricing Strategies on Consumers’ Trust, Fairness Perceptions, and Loyalty - Qinrui Xu (abstract) (full text)

Stakeholder Perception Towards a Medication Delivery Platform in Austria and Its Impact on Different Stakeholder Groups - Daniel Mitheis (abstract) (full text)

The Effect of Augmented Reality on Consumers’ Reactions to Mobile Marketing - Orsolya Schmidt (abstract) (full text)

Strategic Management Approaches to Combat the Impact of COVID-19 on Urban and Rural Area Hotels - The Case of Tyrol, Austria - Lisa Unterganschnigg (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behavior Concerning Sustainability in the Field of Plastic - Thomas Wagner (abstract) (full text)

Roles and Potentials of Urban and Rural Makerspaces in the Digital and Sustainability Transition in Post-Covid Europe - Omara Ré (full text)

Psychological Analysis into Consumer Luxury Shopping Behavior in China during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic - Bowen Tan (abstract) (full text)

Adoption of Cryptocurrencies by Milllennials in Vienna: Is there a Future for Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? - Benjamin Šafarič (full text)

Privacy Concerns - How Customers Perceive Different Privacy Policies? - Haidi Alla (abstract) (full text)

An Analysis of the Influence of Political Identity, Economic Ideology and Anti-intellectualism on Climate Change Attitudes in the US - Gerard Magloire (full text)

Support Mechanisms for Austrian Startups in achieving the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals - Max Woche (full text)

Transition to Circular Economy in the European Union: Focus on the Machinery and Equipment Industry - Quentin Danjou (abstract) (full text)

Office Space Development and Respective Effects on Productivity and Work-Life Balance - Jochen Nowak (abstract) (full text)

Instagram Consumer Engagement: does the language matter? - Dariia Sharafan (abstract) (full text)

Digital Transfomation in the Sports Apparel Industry: the case of Nike, Inc. - Lukas Stangl (abstract) (full text)

Viability of Using a Social Business to Reintegrate Women Formerly Exploited in Prostitution into Society and the Workforce - Valerie Urdich (abstract) (full text)

Application Possibilities of Blockchain Technology in Tourism - Maximilian Künstner (abstract) (full text)

Sustainability Certificates of Hotel Properties - Yannick Herzberg (abstract) (full text)

Crisis Management and Destination Image Repair after Terrorism - Linn Minar (abstract) (full text)

Defining and assessing environmentally friendly hotel concepts and their effects on destinations - Apostolos Tsiantis (full text)

Understanding Online Banking Adoption: interprative study in Austrian banking context - Veronika Chikhradze (abstract) (full text)

What Works and What Doesn't in Social Media for University Recruitment - Diana Palnychenko (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Brand Loyalty Towards Luxury Cosmetics Brands: comparison of Generation Z and Millenial - Karina Dogra (full text)

Nomads Experience and Overall Well-Being: the role of co-living spaces - Jennifer Sin Hung von Zumbusch (abstract)

Success Factors of Urban Farming Projects in Europe: a case study analysis - Victoria Felser (abstract) (full text)

Finding the Airline's Sweet Spot: matching travelers' expectations and experiences - Rick Boender (abstract) (full text)

Backpackers’ Expectations of Hybrid Hotels: A Text Mining Approach - Samantha Michele Mylocopos Ross (full text)

Perceived Livability of Expatriates: The case of barcelona - Gabriela Basovska (abstract)

Perceptions on the influence of wearable devices on life and work satisfaction - Stefan Catic (abstract) (full text)

Managing Deviant Customer Behavior in an Online Context: a comparison of hotels’ response strategies - Nadine Fischer (abstract) (full text)

Detroit’s Urban Revival: the influence of lower class socioeconomic groups on detroit’s urban revitalization - Davis Gibbs (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Psychological Development in Career Choices: motivation of overachievers vs. underachievers - Kateryna Gresenko (abstract) (full text)

Chalets resorts in the Alps: curse or blessing for the local communities - Michael Winkler (abstract) (full text)

How to Strike a Viral Video Success: a study on the influence of the emotional tone on consumer intentions and attitudes -  Vera Wanivenhaus  (abstract) (full text)

The development of cultural tourism in Europe focused on the economic value of the Salzburg festival - Christina Norman Audenhove (abstract) (full text)

Factors Influencing Recipe Promotion on Facebook - Pamina Marie Strobl (abstract) (full text)

Digitalisation Strategies for Art Museums - Nour Matroud (abstract) (full text)

Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Bidding Process of Hotel Operators - Nicole Börner (abstract) (full text)

A Stakeholder’s View on the Creation of a Sustainable Energy-Flagship Region Within the LEADER-Region Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Nina Zitz (abstract) (full text)

Digitalisation Strategies for Art Museums - Nour Matroud (abstract) (full text)



The Importance of Self-Actualization for Degrowth: Does Personal Transformation Lead to Private and Professional Alternative Lifestyle Choices? - Senka Radić - (abstract) (full text)

Text Classification Models in Social Media Channels owned by Pharma: Early Detection of Compliance-Relevant Information - Verena Foppa (abstract) (full text)

The Role of NGOs in Integrating Ukrainian Refugee Children into the Austrian Education System in Light of the Russia versus Ukraine Conflict - Champaka Anantharamu (abstract) (full text)

Applying Post-War Countries' Experience to the Reconstruction of Real Estate in Ukraine - Tetiana Marusich (full text)

Emerging Leadership Traits in the Post-Covid Era - Angelo D’Agostino (full text)

Unveiling Dimensions of Wisdom Leadership through Textual Analysis of Eloquent Speeches by Influentual Figures - Mohammadjavad Khadjehalichaleshtari (full text)

A Comparative Analysis of the Diplomatic Strategies Employed in the Context of Brexit: The Causes, Implications, and Recommendations for the Future - Tristan Bernardo Breijer (full text)

The Influence of AR Apps on Behavioural Intentions in the Fashion Industry - Ekaterina Mousa (abstract) (full text)


Acceptance of Corporate Health Promotions - a case study in the health industry - Gregor Wegenstein (abstract) (full text)

Predictors of Medical Destination Intention to Visit: the role of culture of destination - Iraqi patients as an example - Dr. Abdulla Ainakshabandi (full text)

The Impacts, Concerns and Pitfalls of AI in Healthcare Diagnostics - Emma Miller (abstract) (full text)

Assessing the Feasibility of Corporate Net Zero Targets : An Exploratory Inquiry - Alina Maria Moldovan (abstract) (full text)

Critical Review of Smart City Concepts, Strategies and Indicators - Birthe Getzner (abstract) (full text)

Effectiveness of B2B digital marketing strategies for lead generation - Case study: Lumiart, lighting company based in Guatemala - Monica Mendizabal (abstract) (full text)

Finance and Fine Wine - The rare Central European Fine Wine market as an alternative investment in the view of wineries, gastronomy and retail - Sieghard Vaja (abstract) (full text)

Student recruitment strategies for students originating from Balkan countries - Katrin Malcheva (full text)

Transparency of environmental reporting in Russian and European oil and gas companies - Anastasia Kratzer (full text)

Impact of macroeconomic variables on stock prices in Austria - Christian Kratzer (full text)

The Consumer Perspective on Blockchain-Enabled Loyalty Programs - Elena Petrozhitskaya (full text)

Consumer responses to (a)typical label design within standardized glass packaging shape - Charlotte Jermendy (abstract) (full text)

Role models in Social Entrepreneurship - Kyle Zhung Yong (abstract) (full text)

Space Efficiency in Hotel Development - Robert Suga (full text)

Memorable Hotel Experience Design – The GM’s Perspective - Nataša Keršič Razinger (abstract) (full text)

The Impact Development of Scheduled U.S. Macroeconomic Announcements on Foreign Exchange Rates: An empirical study of the nonfarm payrolls announcement and the EURUSD over the past two decades - Thomas Jandejsek (abstract) (full text)

Digitization in the B2B Pharmaceutical Industry: A similar State of Technology Adoption as in the B2B Food and Beverage Industry? A comparison - Valerie Pretscher (abstract) (full text)

Revenue, Yield, and Total Revenue Management – How flexible is the Viennese luxury hotel market - Gabriel Horrak (full text)

The Influence of Smart Hotel App Features on Five-Star Hotel Guests Booking Intention - Felix Fischer (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Social Media in Personal Branding - Inna Kharchenko (abstract) (full text)

Student Recruitment Strategies For Students Originating From Balkan Countries - Katrin Malcheva (full text)

Social Innovation and the Islands Energy Transition – The Case of Unije Island (HR) - Lea Perinic (full text)

Residents' Attitudes towards Tourism and the Intentions to support/reject Tourism - Peter Johann Gatterer (full text

Hotel Chains' response to highly visited Urban Tourist Destinations: the Case of Vienna - Mubeen Thaha (abstract) (full text)

A sectoral Input/Output Analyses of the Economies of the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America - Waleed Shahzad (full text

The Use of Blockchain Technology use in the Supply Chain: a case study from Austria - Marijan Stipic (abstract) (full text)

Open Innovations: mapping activities in Vienna - Georg Sedlbauer (abstract) (full text)

Identification of User Requirements for Prosthetic Devices by Means of Text Mining in Online User Fora - Michael Russold (abstract) (full text)

Factors Affecting Successes and Failures of Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan - Jami Baktash (full text)

Spectrum of Emotions: From the evolution to the revision of the modern psychiatry and psychology - Lukas Mach (full text)

Corporate Strategy External Communication Practices in Research Organisations - Philippa Baumgartner (full text)

Career Expectations of Hospitality Students: A Swiss Context and Generational Effects - Tunde Bausz (full text)

Powerful synergies: Gender equality, sustainable development and peace - Annelisa Miglietti (full text)

Influence of Online Marketing Strategies on the Sales Success of B2B Companies - Urska Binter (full text)

The Millennial Workforce & The Rise Of The Gig Economy - Kevin Chaudhry (full text)

Analyzing Relations between Financial Indicators and the Public Debate Using Knowledge Extraction and Machine Learning Technologies - Wolfgang Radinger-Peer (full text)

Hedonic pricing and the sharing economy: How profile characteristics affect Airbnb accommodation prices in Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville - Baldwin Tong (full text)

Shopping for Innovation: A Startup Selection Guide - Martin Hammerschmid (full text)

Impact factors on the adoption of Blockchain Technology in the Hotel Industry - David Hochschwarzer (full text)

The Characteristics of Pro-Environmental Urban Tourists: A Market Segmentation Study Based on the New Ecological Paradigm - Jennifer Day (full text)

The aspects of culinary tourism in Tourists’ satisfaction and tourists’ loyalty. Insights from Vienna - Thu Thuy Khuat (abstract) (full text)

Perceptions of visible tattoos and piercings in the service industry - Rahul Rao (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Corporate Finance in Eval-uating a Cloud Computing Strategy - A Chief Financial Officer perspective - Andreas Rynes (full text)

A sustainable hotel concept and its contribution to the city-hinterland tourism - Carina Becker (full text)

Social Media Influencers in the Travel Industry: an analysis - Isabel Laczkovich (abstract) (full text)