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Master in International Tourism Management

The Degree

The Master of Science (MSc) in International Tourism Management (ITM) graduate program prepares students to best address the future needs of the global tourism industry.  The program focuses on leadership and management specifically relevant to hospitality-related companies, tourism marketing, tourism planning organizations, and policy makers.

The program’s goal is to build a high level of expertise in the economic, environmental, and social impacts of travel behavior.   The intertwining of the tourism program with the study of sustainable development, green management, and policy is one of a kind, giving MSc graduates unique access to the job market.

About the Program

Are you interested in studying the principles of sustainable development, quality management, and corporate social responsibility on global and local industry levels?  Do you want to investigate which policies can be implemented to reduce negative environmental impacts within the tourism production chain?  At MODUL University Vienna, you will get the tools, hands on experience, and support to answer these questions and more!

Building on recent developments in sustainable development and new media technology, the MSc in International Tourism Management challenges students to discuss the impact of technology on tourism and tourism on destinations and societies.  The program offers a series of courses designed to introduce the tools for collecting and analyzing travel-related data and predictive modeling and simulation.  MU students have access to the most comprehensive tourism-related data sources and learn how to convert data into information that improves decision making within tourism companies and organizations.  The program challenges MSc students to develop a case study using the skills and knowledge learned in their coursework through practical experience at leading tourism organizations.

The program’s curriculum is composed of seven unique modules, providing students with a comprehensive framework in research methods, industry-specific content, and management.

Module 1Management and Research Fundamentals
Module 2International Tourism
Module 3Innovation and Change Management
Module 4Environmental Systems
Module 5Enrichment Courses
Module 6Master Thesis
Module 7Internship or Excellence Program (Optional)

The program emphasizes the knowledge, capabilities, and attributes students need to become ethical, transformational leaders and agents of change.  Our graduates have what it takes to address the multifaceted barriers preventing the tourism sector from contributing fully to social development, economic growth, culture, and the sustainability of destinations.

Career Opportunities

MSc in International Tourism Management graduates are ready to address the tourism industry's next globalization and sustainability challenges of this millennium.  MU graduates are prepared for successful careers and leadership positions within the international tourism and hospitality industry.  Our graduates span the globe, and ITM alumni work as resort directors, digital marketing executives, logistics agents, strategy consultants, and sales and marketing coordinators.  MSc graduates are uniquely equipped with management skills enabling them to implement sustainable tourism strategies and develop corporate social responsibility programs worldwide.

In addition, the MSc degree prepares students for MODUL University Vienna's subsequent PhD program. For more information, check out the program folder in the download area.

Strengths of an MSc Degree: Set Yourself Apart

  • Industry-specific course content and research opportunities
  • Exposure to emerging trends in future tourism management
  • Emphasis on critical thinking, collaborative learning, and addressing 21st-century challenges
  • Courses delivered by internationally-recognized tourism experts
  • Globally-oriented university with English as the lingua-franca
  • Graduates prepared for leadership positions within the tourism industry

    Academic Diversity

    Students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds are welcome in MU's International Tourism Management program.  The program currently hosts students with backgrounds in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and business.  MU's admissions team counsels students from non-traditional backgrounds on what courses they might need to take in order to succeed in the MSc program.  Some students who enter the program from academic areas outside the realm of business or tourism may be required to complete up to four prerequisite courses in microeconomics, economics of tourism, math, and marketing and consumer behavior.  Students with prerequisite requirements also have the opportunity to complete an exam and test out of requirement rather than sitting the course.