Master Specializations

Specialization in Innovation and Experience Design for Tourism

Design extraordinary tourism experiences. The rapid development of information and communication technology in tourism has had a huge impact on tourist experiences. Online booking, social media usage during the trip, and the abundance of travel apps have changed the way people travel. More and more, choices are driven by online evaluations and experiences. The sharing economy has disrupted traditional tourism practices, smart destinations are on the rise, and artificial intelligence and virtual reality are drivers of change in the tourism sector.

Work with  the newest communication technologies. Experience engineering and design are at the core of successful management at tourist destinations. This specialization will provide you with the tools and knowledge to create exceptional tourist experiences, preparing you for in-demand positions in the tourism sector. You will gain deep insight into communication technologies in tourism, consumer usage and adoption, digital marketing for destinations, special sector tourism, smart destinations and know-how to create and develop experiences.

Expand your knowledge in smart destinations and smart cities, social media management, digital marketing for destinations, experience design and creation, special sector tourism such as health tourism, and more.

Innovation and Experience Design for Tourism Courses

The specialization in Innovation & Experience Design for Tourism requires the completion of 15 ECTS, which must be completed with:

All from the following:


Any from the following:


All courses are 3 ECTS. This specialization may be taken by all Master of Business Administration and Master of Science students. Courses are subject to change and may vary year to year.